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Filipino's are the happiest workers in Southeast Asia

Filipinos happiest workers in SE Asia. Image credit to Manila Bulletin
According to a survey by last August 31, 2016. Filipino's are the happiest workers in Southeast Asia.

Below is the Happiness Index report:

Filipinos - 73%

Indonesian - 71%

Thai - 61%

Vietnamese - 60%

Hongkong - 57%

Malaysian - 47%

Singaporean - 48%

In a briefing in Makati City, Country Manager Philip A. Gioca said by industry, government employees were the happiest with 6.66 rating out of the 10-point scale, followed by education and oil sectors with 6.53 rating and 6.49 rating, respectively.

Retail, banking & finance, and business process outsourcing/call center scored the lowest in satisfaction rating with 6.08, 6.03 and 5.99, respectively.

Mr. Gioca noted that “employees who are just starting out and those who have joined the highest ranks are the happiest.”

By specialization, employees in hospitality-related jobs were the happiest with an average rating of 6.72, while the least happy were marketing employees with a 6.01 rating.

In terms of location, employees in the Bicol region were the happiest with a 7 rating, while workers in the Negros Island region ranked their job satisfaction with 6.09 rating -- the lowest among all areas evaluated.

Mr. Gioca said it is important to note that the lowest scores given by the respondents did not go below the “neutral” rating.

There are factors we considered why we usually stay longer in a company.

1. Colleagues that became your close friend.

2. Leaders who always praised you if you did a good job.

3. Salary

4. Convenient work location

5. Company's reputation

In relation with the survey, I would like to share a story. I know someone who is working in a BPO company (Call Center).  I asked this person why did you choose to stay with such company that provides you "LOW SALARY" and with "LESSER COMPENSATION"

He answered me back with this statement "Why? Because I love what I'm doing."

Then I look into his eyes seriously and again ask "Why?"

Then he answered me with this "I know that I need more money in order to support my love ones, But as long as we could eat 3 times a day, pay our bills that is more than enough for me. And this company already serves as my second home. They thought me how to be a better person, This is not just a company but a "Family within a Company"

With his answers, I'm thinking that his employer handles their employees very well and they are making them feel satisfied with what they are doing without compromising anything. And looking in the eyes of this person I'm seeing Joy and contented even though with just a small amount he earned.

Filipino culture is very different with the other countries, even foreigners noticed the differences. We are known for being hospitable and despite of the daily struggles our culture/habit still remains. Also, having a positive attitude conquers the success.

"Start your Day with a Smile and end it with a Smile."


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Source: ABS-CBNBusiness World