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Hidden jewels: Beach getaways in Visayas

A white sand bar  and a cerulean water | Photo from Rappler

 A typical beach trip in the Philippines entails a vibrant night life, energetic tourists circling about, and nonstop water activities to fill up your itinerary, but if you’ve been looking for a leisure and relaxing getaway, here’s the list for you!

The crowning jewel of the Visayan islands has undergone a temporary closure for rehabilitation, but fret not! Boracay may have quickly gotten around for its pristine waters and powder white beaches, but it’s not the only gem in the Visayas.

We’ve uncovered lesser know but equally bedazzling summer getaways that’ll fill your need for a beachy excursion that will be all about bonding time over fine white sand and quiet nights with the calm sea to lull you. For a real vacation time to relax and unwind, here are our top beach destinations. Who knows, you might just find a new favorite!

1. Malalison Island, Antique
Just off the coast of the town proper, Culasi, Antique, this island is blessed with rolling verdant hills and crystal clear water. It is home to roughly around 170 households, so, while there may not be any upscale resorts, the hospitality of the locals is enough to warm your heart.
Malalison preserves the bucolic feel of beach life, one that will energize you to dive into its pristine waters and climb its hills by day and eagerly look forward to rest and bonding time by night.
Some of the island’s highlights is its sandbar in the east and hills in the west, and both sides promise an enchanting view of waterfalls and neighboring islands, perfect for that Instagram shot!

 View from the hilltop in Malalison Island, Antique | Photo from Trover
 The blue beaches of Malalison Island, Antique. | Photo from RJDExplorer

2. Isla de Gigantes, Carles
This one takes a two hour boat ride from the towns Carles and Estancia, and is called the “islands of giants”. Another hot travel destination, but one that preserves its laidback vibe where the powdery white beaches and gin-like clarity of the waters serves as a breathtaking getaway.
But Isla de Gigantes doesn’t only boast of scenic beaches, but unique karst formations, mystical caves, and daring cliffs with picturesque views that is sure to capture you in awe. While more developed than Malalison Island, most of its accommodation is a simple homestay style.
Another big feat to look forward to is the fresh seafood served to you in abundance and for super low prices (scallops are sold for P1 per piece!) so pack up an appetite to fully enjoy the bounty of these islands. Take an island hopping spree to truly immerse yourself in the wonders of Isla de Gigantes.

This spot in the island is a photoshoot fave! | Photo from Trip Advisor
The jagged rock formations make for unique private swimming spots. | Photo from chooseweb.s3.amazonaws.com

 3. Alubijod, Guimaras
Take a trip into the province of Guimaras where the promise of sweet mangoes and calm beaches are sure to welcome you. Alubijod beach is the favorite beach destination located in the town of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras where rolling blue waters meet powdery white shores.
Get ready to sightsee natural rock formations and coves besides the majestic clear waters. As a more highlighted tourist spot, Alubijod has a handful of resorts suited to a leisure taste. The overall vibe, however, keeps an offbeat and simple excursion for a relaxing weekend.

Get to see wonderful coves in this mango-loving province | Photo from wynk.biz/lee/
Wonderful rock formations embellish the clear waters | Photo from hwynk.biz/lee/


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