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Ateneo Releases Statement Denouncing Bullying, Vows to expel Joaquin Montes if Found Guilty

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In a move to dispel public insinuations that they are tolerating the violent and deviant behavior of their students, the Ateneo De Manila University released a statement condemning the bullying incident that happened right inside their campus, and promised to give full punishment to the guilty student once the investigation is finished.

Expulsion If Necessary

In a report from Inquirer, the Ateneo De Manila University administration headed by its president Jose Ramon Villarin SJ, assured the public that they are not tolerating any kind of violence in their campus, and bullying has no place in their school.

Father Villarin, or Fr. Jett as he is fondly called by students, also vowed that the school will not hesitate to impose the stringest punishment of expulsion to the suspected student onced proven that he is guilty of grave misconduct.

Dignity Of Others

Fr. Jett further stated that ADMU follows a code of conduct, and promotes to the students the importance of respecting the dignity of others. He has talked to the students involved in the incident and is made aware of their rights and responsibilities.

“A hallmark of Ateneo education is teaching our young men to respect the dignity of others, to practice the value of communication and dialogue, and to cultivate the compassion and discipline we all need to build mutual respect and peace in the community,” Fr. Villarin further stated.

Highest Priority

Fr. Villarin also assured the people that ADMU is not treating the incident lightly, but is "treating the matter with the highest priority and urgency." He said that the Committee on Discipline of the Junior High School department has been meeting regularly to expedite the investigation.

“As we go through this process and move towards a disciplinary decision, I request you to be mindful of consequences spiraling out of control when specific videos and comments are shared on social media. Again, I assure you we are treating the matter with the highest priority and urgency,” Villarin warned the public.