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May nanalo na! Multimedia Producer details why Catriona Gray is a 'real queen' deserving to be the next Miss Universe

Catriona Gray, photo from Aura Shaznay's Facebook post
As Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray tops the preliminary pageant, she even slays the swimsuit competition with her so-called “lava walk” with a slo-mo effect that nobody has ever done before. She made the whole world turn to her and admire her. Filipinos are now excited on the final part of the competition  on Monday. Despite reaching the crucial stage, Pinoys are firm that Gray will bring home the crown.

Catriona Is Culturally Inclined

A netizen expressed her admiration to our dear Filipina candidate for Ms. U. Aura Shaznay is all praises to Catriona for putting her heart and not leaving the culture behind in all aspect of the competition. In the whole course of the competition, she presents herself as a representative of the country. She appreciates how Cat put so much thought in all the gowns she’ll present, from the iconic national costume which depicts the three island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Ibong Adarna inspired gown which surprised everyone down to the sun and pearl earrings that have historical representation or more like connected to our culture. With the help of Mak Tumang and other great artists, the invested time to perfect the gown is now paying off.

Catriona Gray, photo from Aura Shaznay's Facebook post
Gray personally designed the three-star ear cuff she wore in the pageant.

What’s There To Love Catriona Even More?

Shaznay loves Catriona even more with the fact on how the latter is hands-on and has invested so much time and effort to instill deeper meaning and representation in all her gowns and wearings. She then feels refreshed on seeing an intelligent woman who isn’t just slaying the catwalk but highlighting how beautiful the Filipino culture is. Aura describes Gray as the “real queen and a true artist.”

The lady finds the real sincerity of Catriona when she said that her fight is dedicated to our country. Another netizen from Twitter commended our Philippine representative for being so cool in mix-matching an Igorot-inspired skirt and a Filipiniana Mestiza top.

Read the complete Facebook post of Aura Shaznay below:
Catriona Gray, photo from Aura Shaznay's Facebook post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is probably the first time that a Philippine candidate (not to discredit the previous ones who were as amazing) for Miss Universe put so much thought on not only how she would present herself, but represent our entire country for the pageant.

The iconic national costume that had cultural and historical references from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao; the Ibong Adarna-inspired gown; and the sun and pearl earrings all signify of a smart and strategic representation of our country and its rich culture. Even the BBP pageant where she also wore the three-star earcuff that she designed herself and the gowns and dresses she wears on social nights and events for MU are always inspired by something cultural.

Catriona Gray, photo from Aura Shaznay's Facebook post
The netizen added:

Everything has a deeper meaning to it and I love how every little thing about our country is seamlessly integrated on the wardrobe pieces she wore. She's very hands-on and invested about the whole process of creating them, as well.

It's so refreshing to see an intelligent woman like Cat. She is doing her best in the pageant, not just by killing the runway, but also by making sure that she is shedding light to our culture. A REAL QUEEN AND A TRUE ARTIST! I believe that she's really sincere in saying that she dedicates this for the country!

P.S. A twitter user (@cheskaprin) also pointed out how she mixed and matched an ethnic Igorot-inspired skirt and a Filipiniana Mestiza top which I think is super cool!

Catriona Gray, photo from Aura Shaznay's Facebook post
Source: Aura Shaznay