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Two Nuns Running A Catholic School Reportedly Stole $500,000 Over A Decade of Service

Sisters of St. Joseph / Via Facebook
Nuns, as one of the people who belong to a specific religious order, is perceived to be under chastity, obedience, and simplicity.

They have solemn vow to spread the word of God and serve as a role model to live a life fully centered to God.

Catholic School Skim

It isn’t just church they ran but Catholic schools as well. Recently, a Catholic School in Southern California discovered their former principal and a nun to have stolen $500,000. The estimated amount was allegedly spent for personal use, gambling, and personal tours. The scam went over a decade.

St. James Catholic School, photo from Daily Breeze
The Los Angeles archdiocese found out after audits are performed six months ago. This was conducted after the retirement of Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper as the principal of the said school as reported by Beach Press-Telegram.

Admission of Guilt

Moreover, they discovered an old check which was deposited to an unknown account. Results show that Sister Kreuper and the school’s former teacher Sister Lana Chang had taken a huge amount of money which came from tuition fees and other school funds.

Photo from News Channel Nebraska
Photo from BuzzFeed News
The two were apprehended and admitted the skim. On the other hand, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet released a statement,

“Our community is concerned and saddened by this situation and regret any injury to our long relationship with the families of the school.” 

Sanction Over Charges

The church leaders sent out letters to the families regarding the issue, claiming that the skim of the two are out of their knowledge. Meetings with school parents and alumni were conducted where archdiocese lawyer Marge Graf announced that the leaders are not seeking to press charges against the two. They will be put under sanctioned and will return the same amount of money taken from the organization.

The school alumni weren’t surprised by the news, despite the vow of poverty, they were seen on frequent trips.