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Mo Twister: Bato is the d*mbest politician of all-time, it's Duterte's fault

Composite photos of Dela Rosa and DJ Mo. Images from Facebook: @SenatePh and Instagram: @djmotwister
DJ Mo Twister fearlessly slammed Sen. Ronald dela Rosa like a boss.

The dumbest of them all

Following Senator Bato's recent pronouncement on Sanchez, the controversial disc jockey lambasted the Duterte ally, calling him the "dumbest politician".

The senator made the remark after the supposed release of Sanchez made headlines, to which Dela Rosa commented that the convcted ex-Mayor of Calauan, Laguna deserves a second chance in life.

“Don’t look at me, but I told you that Bato is the dumbest politician of all-time. AND he’s just getting started.” the fierce DJ tweeted.

Screengrab from DJ Mo's Twitter
Photo from PEP

Duterte's fault

Putting the blame on the then Davao City Mayor where Dela Rosa used to be the city's Police Chief, the disc jockey said it was President Rodrigo Duterte's fault.

For the said DJ, Bato seemed to to have considered r*pe a cr!me that is not something hein0us.

“And oh, this is totally President Dutertes fault. Bato is his guy — and when you minimize r*pe, joke about r*pe, include yourself in r*pe rhetoric, then r*pe itself starts to look petty instead of hein0us,” he said.
Screengrab from DJ Mo's Twitter
Photo from GMA News
Pre-f*ck you

Having said all these, Mo Twister anticipated the reaction his tweets would get from a huge number of the supporters of this administration, causing him to post an expletive that was meant to address the 'DDS' responses in advance.

“For the DDS’ that will respond, here’s a pre-f*ck you,” he said.

Dela Rosa's dilemma

Reportedly, the former Chief of the Bureau of Corrections did not display any objection after hearing about the looming early release of Sanchez should he qualify on what the law permits under the condition of a good conduct time allowance or GCTA.

According to him, Antonio Sanchez became a “changed man” inside the New Bilibid Prison.

Ex-Laguna Mayor. Photo from ABS-CBN
Source: Politiko