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Mangyan scholar ng Journalist na si Kara David, Isang Lisensyadong Guro Na!

Larawan mula sa Instagram account ni Kara David

Creating a documentary that expresses different subjects and issues of society was included in the work of a publisher, especially those who came from a big TV network in the country.

Kara David is one of the publishers who already honored in different countries in the whole world when it comes to documentary.

Larawan mula sa Instagram account ni Kara David

Due to the documents that she is writing, she learns that there are still many youths which include the native that needed help on education,

Kara built a scholarship program that she called Project Malasakit, and she also makes some Mangyan to become her scholar.

Just recently, one of her scholars that came from an indigenous tribe in Mindoro was now finally a teacher after he passes the licensure exam for teachers (LET).

Kara proudly shared the photos of her scholar named Patrick Reyes and his name that came from the list on the teachers that able to pass on the LET on his Instagram post.

According to the documentarist, he met Patrick when she was on a shoot for a documentary about the Mangyan and shared to her that ever since he was a kid, he wanted to be a teacher so that he can help his fellow indigenous people that don’t get an education because of the difficulty of life.

Larawan mula sa Instagram account ni Kara David

Kara stated,

“I met Patrick many years aho when I did a documentary on the indigenous peoples of Mindoro, the Mangyan tribe. Patrick comes from a very poor Mangyan family. He is a hardworking young man who dreams of becoming a teacher to help spread the gift of education to his community.”

Kara also not forget to thanks the donors of her program who never gets tired of helping and supporting her on her scholarship program.

“Salamat sa lahat ng donors at higit sa lahat, salamat sa Panginoon sa biyaya ng malasakit.”

Kara created the Project Malasakit back on the year 2002 to help those children who wanted to finish their studies but can’t afford to study due to the d1fficulty of life.

The Project Malasakit was accepting donations that can help with the studies of their scholar from elementary to college.

Back in the year 2006, the Project Malasakit helps a certain Mangyan to graduate and it’s first scholar graduate who is Myra Demillo.

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Source: Instagram, Project Malasakit