"For one night, we were the kind of people we have always dreamed to be." -Brilliant Writer on SEAG Opening - The Daily Sentry

"For one night, we were the kind of people we have always dreamed to be." -Brilliant Writer on SEAG Opening

Krizette Laureta Chu | Photos credit to her Facebook account
With the flashy display and extravagant opening ceremony that happened last night, the Philippine national athletes for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games couldn’t help but be inspired ahead of their matches in the biennial multi-sport event.

The large Filipino crowd rounded up the 55,000-seater venue cheered and sang along to “Manila” as the Philippine delegation made its way to the stage. 

SEAG opening ceremony showcasing Filipino culture | Photo credit to the owner

Happiness and pride filled the air as every Filipino in and out of the arena embraced one goal and that is to unite as one and win as one.

Netizens were then quick to expressed their opinions of what awesome and great the opening ceremony of the 30th Sea Games was. One of which is Krizette Laureta Chu, former Manila Bulletin writer and a well-known social media influencer who recently took to social media to show how proud she was the night of the SEAG opening ceremony. 

SEAG opening ceremony with the Filipino athletes | Photo credit to Inquirer

On a Facebook post, Chu stressed on the unity and no diversity in the nation at all. That for one night, according to her, everyone is equal, one moment for every Filipino to again stand tall and be proud.

She likewise expressed her gratitude to the government and all the country's taxpayers for the overwhelming happiness and pleasure she felt last night.

The Filipino national athletes | Photo credit to the owner

The Filipino crowd as one | Photo credit to the owner

Read her full post below: 

Screenshot of Chu's post | Credit to her Facebook account

"For tonight, every Filipino, rich or poor, young or old, in their houses or in the stadium, in the Philippines or abroad, felt like they could be more, felt like they could be great, felt like they could try to aim for bigger things.

For one night, there was no poverty of mind.

For one night, we weren’t a Third World country.

For one night, our OFWs stood a little straighter and prouder.

This is the power and the magic of art, of beauty, of sports, of culture. We feel human again. For one night we feel that surge of invincibility we have not felt since childhood.

For one night, we were the kind of people we have always dreamed to be.

For one night, starting this night, we feel like it is not so foolish to believe in us, in this country, in our fellow Filipinos again.

Thank you to the government and thank you to my fellow taxpayers for this priceless emotion."

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu