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'Man With No Limbs' shares how his wildest dreams became reality

Imagine yourself with a disability -- with eyes, but you cannot see; with ears, but you cannot hear.

Disability is defined as a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activity. Somehow, other people define it as being different from what is normal.

Nick Vujicic and his family | Photo Credits: Nick Vujicic

He is Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic, 38, a well-known Australian motivational speaker.

He had no legs, but two small feet, one of which had two toes. Vujicic became one of the first physically disabled students integrated into a mainstream school. His lack of limbs made him a target for school bullies, and he fell into a severe depression. At age eight, he contemplated suicide and even tried to drown himself in his bathtub at age ten; his love for his parents prevented him from following through.

Throughout his childhood he was bullied for his tetra-amelia syndrome - but became a born-again Christian and his faith got him through.

Nick prayed very hard that God would give him arms and legs, and initially told God that, if his prayer remained unanswered, Nick would not praise him indefinitely. However, a key turning point in his faith came when his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with a severe disability.

Vujicic realized he wasn't unique in his struggles and began to embrace his lack of limbs. After this, Nick realized his accomplishments could inspire others and became grateful for his life.

“There's no point in being complete on the outside when you're broken in the inside," he said in one of his videos.

Vujicic has travelled to over 44 countries for his motivational speaking and his amazingly positive attitude is infectious to those who hear him speak.

In 2012, Vuijicic married her wife Kanae Miyahara and since then, they had four children, two boys and identical twin girls.

His life and his determination serve as an inspiration to countless thousands worldwide and now he is sharing the joy he has found with from a loving family.

Many of us has been trying to figure out the purpose of our life. We have been looking for someone we believe can give us happiness; we somehow focus on having what other people has, thinking life will be better if we have it; and still, we end up discontented. But as how Nick found his life’s real purpose and completeness, we can also have it by having a relationship with the One who loves us the most and His name is Jesus.

Whatever you’re going through right now, you might have broken relationships, financial problems, struggles with your career, or whatever it is that is pulling you down, do not lose hope! Put your confidence in Jesus and He will never fail you.

"Courage is when you've overcome your fear but that doesn't mean you're not afraid." -Nick Vujicic