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Andaming manloloko! Canadian scammed and billed $3000 for food and drinks in Manila

Photo from Facebook
An African-Canadian citizen was being scammed in Manila, Philippines. Kengo M was apparently being billed 3000 Canadian dollars after buying food and drinks. The scammer even took his passport and ironically threatened to call the police on him.

The video started off as the scammer trying to explain that the machine wasn’t broken, for it has served other customers before, Kengo then pleaded for mercy so he can go to his hotel and pay somehow but the scammer was iron-willed and incredibly greedy. The scammer said that he cannot go back that it was the procedure and that they can send him to the police and hold him in jail.

The African-Canadian then pointed out that they were already locking him in the room and it was illegal, to which the scammer replied that it wasn’t for they aren’t harming Kengo.

The scammer went as far as telling him to ask for money from his family or relatives and get it sent through Western Union. When Kengo said that he has no other option and he was screwed, the scammer went after his card, took it and analyzed it, stating that it isn’t expired and asks why it doesn’t have his name on it. Kengo explained that it was an access card, then the scammer proceeded to ask for his passport then when it was handed to him, he explained that they have a “procedure”, that he was helping Kengo to avoid getting in trouble with the police, this was obviously him trying to cover up his scamming tactics.
Kengo exposed such scamming tactics in Manila, warning us of the dangers of being foreigner. And that we shouldn’t let scammers take advantage unawareness of a foreign country.
Source: Kengo M