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Egyptian replies to Kuwaiti viral video, Duterte “don’t talk, he do!”

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President Rodrigo Duterte has had a lot of critics and has been through a lot of discrimination. His love for the country made him pull back the OFWs from Kuwait and keep them safe from the abuse and torture of this racist country by proposing a total deployment ban, despite losing a lot of the country’s income.

Unexpectedly, throughout all controversy and discrimination of the viral video made by a Kuwaiti, Mahmoud Tolba, an Egyptian national, defended Duterte unbiasedly and countered the Kuwaiti with case and point examples to support statements.

In the video, Tolba plays back the viral video, replying and countering to the Kuwaiti.

In one instance, the Kuwaiti said that the Filipinos aren’t willing to honor Duterte’s request for they are happy.

“Who told you they are happy? No one will be happy if he is around racist people… What are you talking about? Did you ask every single Filipino if they are happy or not? 90% of the answer is gonna be no,” Tolba replied.

Then the Kuwaiti stated that Filipinos can get whatever they want in Kuwait, Tolba rebuked him instantly, stating that Filipinos don’t. He pointed out that if Filipinos want a raise, the answer is no and if they want good living conditions, but such a thing does not exist in Kuwait for Filipinos.

And when the Kuwaiti said that Filipinos won’t find what they have in Kuwait. Tolba agreed sarcastically, saying that Filipinos won’t find bullshit, racist people, a Kuwaiti like him or someone as disrespectful as him, or a government that pays the United States government to protect them and in exchange becomes a slave buyer of the US.

The Egyptian national was impressed by Duterte’s honesty and courage, stating a case where Duterte said that the United States sent bombs to Syria.

And lastly the Kuwaiti mocked Duterte by saying that he is all talk, this is where Tolba remarked the President as a man of action by stating that,

“The Filipino President doesn’t talk like blah blah blah as you said, the Filipino President, he do!”