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The eight lies of a mother: this true story will change your life

A woman holds the hand of her mother who is dying, photo from The Amateur's Guide To Death & Dying
The Facebook page Pinoy Trending News shared a tear-jerking story about the efforts and selflessness of a mother. The touching story is narrated through a course of eight lies that the mother states in order to give what’s best for her children at that given time.

The First Lie

“It was when I was young, our family was poor and we barely had anything to eat. Whenever we eat, my mom usually gives me her portion of rice and says while transferring it to my plate. ‘Kainin mo na ito anak, hidi pa man ako gutom.’”

The Second Lie

“By the time I grew up, whenever my mom had free she’d go fishing in order to provide us with extra nutrition. After the tiring fishing, she’d turn her catch into fresh fish soup which boosted our appetites. While eating though, my mom would sit next to me and only eat whatever flesh was on the bone. I felt pity for her and gave her a forkful of fish but instead of taking it she replied ‘Kainin mo lang yan anak. Hindi ko talaga gusto ang isda”

The Third Lie

“I was in junior high now, but our family needed more money to fund my studies. My mom was sewing pot holders and selling them on the streets, and this is what funded my high school expenses. But there were times where my mom would pull all-nighters, under the light of a small candle, continuously sewing pot holders. When I asked her to rest for the night she replied, ‘Magtulog ka na anak. Hindi pa naman ako pagod.’”

The Fourth Lie
“It was my Final examination and my mother was allowed to get a leave of absence for the matter. While under the scorching sun, my mom waited for hours. Eventually the exam ended and the bell rang, my mom rushed to my side and gave me a glass of juice that she had been bringing the whole time. Although my mom was covered in sweat, and surely enough she was thirsty, so I offered it back but she stated that ‘Inumin mo lng yan anak, hindi pa naman ako nauuhaw!’ ”

The Fifth Lie

“My dad recently died and my mom is now a widow who has the duty to single-handedly take care of all of us. It was a time of hard ship that made life in the family difficulty, there were no days where we didn’t suffer. But thanks to a close family friend, we got through with life. That was when the neighbors advised my mom to remarry, to which she replied ‘Hindi ko kailangan ang pag-ibig.’”

The Sixth Lie

“After I finished studying and got a job, it was about time for my old mom to retire, but she still didn’t want to. She’d rather go to the market and sell vegetables early in the morning, in order to pay for her needs. And despite working far away and frequently sending her money to help her, she would never accept it. At times she’d send it back, stating that ‘Mayroon akong sapat na pera.’”

The Seventh Lie
“I eventually ventured out to get my Master’s Degree which costs were shouldered by a company that was offering scholarship programs. Eventually I got to work for the company and my salary was too much for just myself. Due to this, I thought of bringing my mom with me so that she can have a taste of a better life. But she didn’t want to and only replied with ‘Hindi ako sanay diyan.’”

The Final Lie 

“My mom is really old now and she’s in the hospital for she’s been diagnosed with stomach cancer. I was living far away by that time, but I rushed to her side. I saw my old mom lying down on the bed after the operation, she was looking at me but obviously deep in tough. She then tried really hard to give me a smile, her pain was overwhelming though but you can see her smile fighting through it. She’s now really weak for she worked so hard and so selflessly for us. I couldn’t stop my tears flow for it pierces my heart to see my mom in that state. But my mom with the little strength that she had said ‘Huwag kang umiyak mahal ko, wala naman akong nararamdamang sakit’”

After stating the final lie, her eyes shut and she eventually rested for all eternity.

Do not underestimate your mother’s efforts in raising you, may you be aware or not of her actions, her simple presence is well enough compared to others who’ve lost their mothers. Always appreciate them and their efforts, always talk to them about how well your life is going and always love them unconditionally for they are the only people who’d give their lives selflessly to support you.
Source: Pilipino Trend News