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The Unholy week of Malasag, Cagayan de Oro

Stations of the Cross in Malasag - Panaad 2018, photo from
The people of Malasag, Cagayan de Oro are astounded at how millennials celebrate the Holy week. A sacred Christian celebration before Easter, signifying the end of the Lenten season and the sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ, the Holy week was supposedly seen as a week of reflection and penitence on the sins that one has committed, but millennials of Cagayan de Oro are proving themselves to be extraordinarily ignorant of such a sacred time.

Panaad is the practice that locals of Malasag, Cagayan de Oro uphold annually. It is the commemoration and reenactment of the suffering of Jesus Christ by walking and praying for kilometers through the Stations of the Cross. With the expectations that people would feel sorrowful and regretful for their sins, the locals were disappointed for the millennials were instead shouting, cussing and extensively displaying public affection, inconsiderate and uncivilized acts during a holy time for all Christians.

The Undevotees
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A huge influx of people visited Malasag, but it seems like majority of the people who were supposedly commemorating the sacrifices of Jesus were here as tourists. Some devotees were disappointed for they were unable to visit to Chapel at the last station due to the huge number of misplaced millennials.

A night in a Sailor’s mouth
Looking for a place was increasingly frustrating, there was barely a spot for devotees where there were a small amount of people. There was people everywhere, some even opted to rest on card board.

At night, the camping grounds around the Stations of the Cross were filled with groups of hyper active individuals who were purposely shouting at each other for attention, screaming disgusting, lewd or disrespectful phrases to gather recognition by their own group. It may seem like these millennials were under the influence of alcohol for the inconsiderate acts that they’ve committed through out the night.

Stations of the Dumpsite

If you thought that the night was horrible, imagine waking up to a Holy land of trash. The entire camping ground was covered in plastics, tetra packs, tin foils and other garbage that millennials most probably just irresponsibly left. Not even the road was safe from such a horrible mess!
Panaad was completely desecrated, the Holy week of the locals of Malasag was completely ruined. What the locals could only hope now is that the Government of Malasag would actually take measures in maintaining the sanctity of the practice and the upholding of discipline and cleanliness of the devotees and most especially the millennials. Teenagers who clearly have no respect or consideration whatsoever for those around them.
Plastic Bottles, Food Packs and other kinds of Garbage left behind by some "Pilgrims" for the Panaad 2018 in Malasag, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City, photo from
More garbage being left behind by people in Malasag area, photo from
Garbage in Malasag after Panaad 2018, photo from