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The addiction of Filipinos to drama isn’t helping the country but giant media

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Another excellent piece by the blogsite, a Pro Bono analysis on the reason why our country fails to strive into the future.

The article reveals that the Filipinos addiction to drama is a deteriorating factor of our society due to entertainment that is produced by major political issues. An example used by the blogsite would be the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos in the “Libingan ng mga Bayani”, an issue that would’ve been easily solved without all the drama that the media and activists caused. The question here would be who killed Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.? Which has not been solved at all due to the political unrest of the activists and the perfect platform for dramatization of the issue. If the question was actually solved then our society can move forward, united, pro-Aquino and pro-Marcos alike, yet some entities would just love to feast on the drama, the reactions and the cash that issues like these create under fear of stagnation after the issue passes.
This is why we as a people need to stop adding dramatization into the politics and be logical about governing the country. This makes things way more efficient and development hastened to the point of no return. Focus on the future and the future only, it isn’t bad to be entertained every once in a while but as many say if one strives for a life of comfort in entertainment then one will forever trapped within the walls of their screen, trapped within the past and blocked from the future. Keep drama within the screens and live life drama-free.