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Movie about Chiong Sisters' Bloodshed was too much to Bear for their Grieving Mother

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The wounds of the past keep on haunting Thelma Chiong, 21 years after her two youthful daughters were allegedly captured, assaulted, and murdered.

The grieving mother likewise never suspected that she would need to remember this nightmare about her daughters all over again, not until she saw the premier of “Jacqueline Comes Home” last Tuesday night, July 17, 2018.

The movie that was directed by Ysabelle Peach Caparas was a free retrace of the controversial Chiong sisters' murder case that happened 21 years back.

Thelma recounted that at first, she was hesitant to give her approval to film her daughters' life, as she was very afraid that it would only relive the agonizing experience her family endured once more.

But when rumors about her daughters and the entire Chiong family started to reopen, spread and circulate in social media, saying that one or both sisters are still alive and living in Canada and even include claims that her husband, Dionisio, was professedly associated with illicit medications, Chiong finally said yes and trusts the movie will clear up the bits of gossip and false reports reinforced by social media.

Thelma Chiong prior said that she and her husband chose to see the film as they needed the public to know the genuine story behind the homicides of their daughters, however, she said that three of her surviving children decided not to go with them as they would not like to remember the occurrence.

But then, just halfway into watching the movie, Thelma Chiong all of a sudden screamed from her seat that she, her husband, Dionisio and their relatives needed to leave the silver screen to abstain from causing a scene.

Photo credit to SunStar Cebu
It has been reported that as Chiong was crying and shouting outside the cinema, Ysabelle Peach Caparas, the film's director, consoled her and Caparas admitted that she got really bothered when the Chiong matriarch began to be emotional amid the film's premier.

The lady director then said that she was able to speak to Mrs. Chiong and professed that she even asked for the latter's apology for taking the mother back to that dismal experience.

“I got to speak to Mrs. Chiong. I didn’t want to be harsh and tell her that it was part of the movie experience. I apologized to her for bringing her back to that sad experience,” Director Caparas said.

Caparas also said that Chiong's response just filled in as a message to the viewers that the Chiong family's tragic experience could transpire to anyone.

Correspondingly, Thelma Chiong said in an interview that she actually ended up emotional subsequent to seeing the scene of her daughters Marijoy and Jacqueline, played by actresses Donnalyn Bartolome and Meg Imperial, separately, assaulted more than once by a gathering of men in the wake of being abducted.

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The mother conceded that she needed to shut her eyes to abstain from seeing the fierce assault scene, however the shouts of the on-screen characters were too much for her to bear.

Meanwhile, it has also been said that different moviegoers have blended emotions about the film.

Some parents said they felt the grief and pain that the Chiong family felt, some students said the film influenced them to understand that the world is frightening and that some people can be really violent, others said they headed out to see the movie since the Chiong case is being discussed on social media nowadays.

In addition some moviegoers also pronounced that the movie still failed to answer critical questions.

Source: Sunstar