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Stop chasing. Just stop.

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When you always have to be the one to initiate a conversation, stop.

It's obvious the feeling isn't mutual.

When you, more often than not, check up on him/her out of concern while he/she doesn't do as much, stop.

You don't deserve it, do you?

When the one you like doesn't feel the same, stop.

Unless you're a masochist, being a martyr wouldn't change a thing.

Remember, the person you deserve need not be chased. Because if it's two-way, then the two of you should meet halfway.

Not only does this apply on courting. Fresh relationships or simply crushing on someone, at least, is where this should be taken into consideration too.

Same goes with an old flame wanting to give it another try. Although, as they say, you do not deserve a love that comes back because what you deserve is a love that stays.

On second chances, if you need to beg to get a 'yes' for it, then it ain't worth asking for in the first place. Or perhaps, even that broken relationship was not worth having at all.


Because, though cliché as it may sound, it takes two to tango.

Both of you should be attracted with and must be madly in love with—and crazy about—each other to make it work. Or else, you're just setting yourself for another heartbreak long before you know it.

On another note, you have to keep in mind that no matter how much you like, or love, the person, it should not prompt you to be manipulative. You don't put him/her in a cage. You must not let his/her world revolve around you and with only you alone.

Just like what a not-so-classic OPM song said, 'Loving is not owning'.

You must not impose any rules both you and your partner have to follow. Otherwise, you're enjoying the relationship at the expense of its authenticity.

You see? It should come naturally.

In a nutshell, when all your efforts are not reciprocated (and by reciprocated, I mean genuinely), please. Snap out of it!

Enough is enough.

You don't deserve it.

Neither you, nor I, deserve it.

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