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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SLANG LYRICS | Netizen comments on Pinay who mistakenly sings Philippine National Anthem in a major football league

Pinay singers sings national anthem of the Philippines in football stadium/Lupang Hinirang lyrics. Image combined credit to Showbiz Read and DeviantArt
A video on Facebook showing a  Pinay who sings our Philippine national anthem is going rounds online with mixed emotions from netizens.

Recently, Senate President Tito Sotto is proposing to revise “Lupang Hinirang” however many Filipinos are opposing on this controversial issue to change the lyrics of the national anthem and instead focus on much more important issues in the Philippines.

The video was uploaded by a Facebook user named Roxanne Husain and was shared in Memories of Old Manila group page from Master Epong's Online Trends page in Facebook.

Image credit to PhilNews.Ph

Image credit to Showbiz Read
Based on the video, the Pinay was singing the Philippine national anthem "Lupang Hinirang" in the Filipino Heritage night in San Francisco, California, United States during San Diego Padres vs San Francis Giants at AT&T Stadium.

The Pinay has a good voice in singing, but the lyrics in the national anthem of the Philippines seems to be so slang that the lyrics gone wrong and netizens can't help not to comment on the Filipina.

Here are some of the comments of netizen who saw the video:

According to Ronaldo Discipulo, the Pinay may be jailed on what she did. 

In the U.S. if remembered singer Christina Aguilera sings United States' national anthem wrong to The Star-Spangled Banner. An American state senator proposed a law punishing anybody who changes the lyrics, dare to improvise, extemporise or undermine the U.S. national anthem.

"Naku ateeee!,Filipino kba talaga?,pwede kang makulong dyan dahil may batas na yan',kung hndi mo pala kabisado...sana umutot kna lng tinapat mo sa mike..hayssst!"

Gerlie Sael Felicidario, said the Pinay who sings the Philippine national anthem in the U.S. during a major league game "mas nauna pa magbago ng lyrics".

"What a shame my goodness purong pinoy na lang sana pinakanta Hindi yung philam o half blood lang nakakahiya nauna pa syang magbago ng lyrics kesa sa pinanunukala palang ni titosen."

Kitkat Rivera said even though you are a Filipino who lives in the U.S. for many years, they still need to know and understand the lyrics of the Philippine national anthem, which she has a good point there, since there is still Filipino blood that runs in your body.

"Dapat mandatory na sa nag migrate at lumaki na sa ibang bansa na isaulo ng maayos at nasa tamang tempo ang Lupang hinirang. Nasa key of F, G or C man ito. Hindi maaring gawing ballad version."

Mary Estrada, gone mad commenting on the Filipina saying she should have not sing on the number of people if she don't know the lyrics of the Philippine national anthem.

"Where on earth did you come from?you have the nerve to sing lupang hinirang eh d mo pala alam ang lyrics,kapal ng face mo,magtago ka na,sinira mo ang symbolo ng song."

Meanwhile, Debbie Samson Arcilla defends the Filipina saying it was just normal that if you sing to a lot people you lost words and get nervous. 

"Nakakanerbiyos naman talagang kumanta Lalo na sa harap ng maraming tao. kahit kabisado mo ang kanta may time talaga na mamemental block ka."

Another one says the Pinay was not pure Filipino and it was normal that the lyrics was slang.

CeBong Chan, "Americana yan hindi Pinoy of course magkakamali talaga, plus nasa front ng crowd si Ate makakabahan ka talaga lalo na hindi mo lingwahe yan."

You can watch the video below:


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Source: Facebook/Memories Old Manila