Butcher reveals: “When we see cancer in the pork, we just cut it and sell it to customers” - The Daily Sentry

Butcher reveals: “When we see cancer in the pork, we just cut it and sell it to customers”

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Meat, though expensive is still one of the fast moving consumer goods. Only a few people resist eating flesh and prefer chicken, fish, or veggies. Given the fact that more than half of the world consume meat, let us see if you still opt for it.

Shocking truth 

A shocking truth revealed by a butcher might change your meal courses after reading this. According to one, he, or like any other butchers intends to sell the meat even knowing that there are cancers in the pork. Yes, you read it right. Animals get cancer too. And those are traceable that only butchers can clearly and vividly define. But the sad truth is, in spite seeing cancers in pork, they still put them on sale, freely cutting them out for you.

Cancer in porks

The butcher who apparently knows every step by step process that a whole meat goes through thinks that taking away everything just because there’s a loophole or a problem on it is a bit crazy and maddening.

The 30 years butcher who had an experience to work 5 long years in a meat market has confirmed the fact. The shocking revelation expects people who are into vegetarianism and veganism to rise in number.
U.S. study 

A study in U.S. recently reported statistics of high consume of meat and packaged foods sold which they find cumbersome. In fact, hotdogs that are put under pork category were traced with horse meat. Also, the veggie and meat hot dogs were identified with human DNA present.

Harvest your own 

Harvesting your own consumables are considered safe and health wise. This as well is to ensure you of high-quality food intake. Many people claim that meat is actually unnecessary to eat. So if you want to bit by bit get away from eating pork, try first with the meat alternatives which you can easily find in the supermarket. Rather than indulge yourself with cancerous porks, putting yourselves and your family at risk.