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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Lady Luckily Escaped Hold-up Attempt, Warns Netizens Of Walking Alone At Night

Vallerre Jhoy and her post in FB
A lady got the fright of her life but thanks to her bravery and quick thinking, she was able to foil a hold-up attempt. She posted her terrifying experience to warn others of the new strategy that hold-uppers employ and for netizens to be aware of the criminality lurking around us.

Horrifying Experience

In a post shared by Pilipino Star Ngayon on Facebook, a lady narrated how she narrowly escaped from being held-up or worse, being hurt by these criminals. She was walking home in Molino,Bacoor, Cavite at around 8 pm after a hard day’s work when a stranger suddenly gave her a note. The man said that the note was given by someone and pointed to their back but the lady saw no one.

Since the guy was a total stranger, she didn’t accept the note but the guy was insistent and told her to read the message on the note. Feeling a bit scared on the behavior of the guy, the lady kept walking, with the guy walking behind her.

The Note

The lady started to get nervous when she noticed that the man was holding something but it was hidden in the side of his pants. When the guy asked her if she already read the note, she made an alibi that it was too dark, and she has poor vision.

When they passed a street light, it was only then that she was able to read the note. What is written there would make her knees weak, and caused her to be a nervous wreck.

The note reads, “Wag kang sisigaw, pag sumigaw ka, babarilin kita sa ulo.” (Do not shout, if you try to shout, I will shoot you in the head.)

Presence Of Mind

Despite her nervousness, the brave lady decided to just keep walking and pretended to be calm despite the threat she is in. Fortunately, there was a gasoline station ahead, so when they passed by the gas station, she cried for help and was fortunate to have the 2 gasoline attendants respond to her cry for help.

She was lucky to have escaped from the criminal who’s planning to victimize her. She decided to share her experience for the netizens to be warned and be alert, and especially those living in Bacoor, Cavite to be vigilant and avoid walking the streets at night, since we don’t know when the “hold-upper with a note” will strike again.

Read full post below:

Isang babae, nakaligtas sa tiyak na kapahamakan matapos na hindi pansinin ang liham na ibinigay sa kanya ng suspect.

"Molino Bacoor Cavite (Maryhomes to San Miguel) beware and be safe!!!

This is my first time receiving this kind of threat in my entire life. 7:40pm i was walking home from work when suddenly a guy gave me this letter saying na pinabibigay lang daw sakin at hindi galing sa kanya may tinuturo sya sa likod nmin pero wala namang tao. He's a total stranger for me kaya at first diko pinansin at tuloy tuloy lang ako sa paglalakad but he insisted and kinalabit nya na ako para iabot yang papel na yan. He said na basahin ko but i keep on walking para makalayo sa kanya coz he's a bit creepy for me, he asked kung nabasa kona ba i answered him na hindi pa dahil madalim at malabo ang mata ko he keeps on following me and sa right side ng pantalon nya may hawak syang something which is di ko makita ng maayos kung ano. 

Nilapitan nya na rin ako at sinabing "sumama ka sa akin" mas lalo akong kinabahan pero i remain calm and i pretend na hindi ko sya narinig kahit na malinaw na malinaw un sa pandinig ko. Nung tumapat na kmi sa may ilaw na part ng daan nabasa kona ung nakasulat sa papel and hell pagkabasa ko palang para nakong hihimatayin sa sobrang takot!!!! But again i pretend na hindi kopa nababasa at kalmado pa ring nglakad while he keeps of following me until nakarating ako sa gasoline station (Molino 4 Total Gasoline Station) nabuhayan ako ng pag-asa luckily may 2 gasoline boy don at humingi ng tulong sa knila hindi alam itsura ko basta napahagulgol nalang ako ng iyak sa knilang 2 na parang batang ngsusumbong they asked me wht happen then i gave them the piece of paper and since katabi lang ng gasoline station ang barangay one of them rushed and asked for help sa barangay (thanks to both of you kuya's and to those barangay tanod who helped me thankyou pooo ng marami!!!!! I owe you bigtime!!!)

This one a lesson learned for me. Maraming masasamang loob na ngkalat sa paligid you cant trust anyone and be brave enough if something like this happens to you. Wag na wag tatanggap ng kahit ano sa taong hindi nman kilala. Wag na ring mglalakad ng gabi sa daan kahit pa malapit lang yan o malayo,wag manghinayang sa mahal ng pamasahe. Be safe hanggat hindi pa rin sya nahuhuli or should i say hindi pa rin sila nahuhuli!!!" | Courtesy of Vallerre Jhoy

Source: Pilipino Star Ngayon