An Open Letter To The Bullied Kid: “Wala kang dapat ikahiya. Hindi mo sinuko ang dignidad mo.” - The Daily Sentry

An Open Letter To The Bullied Kid: “Wala kang dapat ikahiya. Hindi mo sinuko ang dignidad mo.”

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Lately, everyone talks about Joaquin Montes and his violent acts against his schoolmates.

However, nobody dared yet to talk about the kid who was beaten up in the viral video.

An Open Letter To The Victim 

An open letter from Boying Pimentel, an Inquirer writer, which is addressed to Joaquin’s recent victim who opts to choose dignity over getting beaten up, in a deeper sense.

The letter is uniquely addressed,

“To the young man who was bu££ied at the Ateneo”

The sender recounts what he saw in the viral video. He admitted he did not share the video out of respect for the young man and not because Ateneo officials say so. As claimed by many, the kid is clearly humiliated and the he guesses that the young man felt the same way about himself.

"I did not share the video. It’s not because Ateneo officials asked the public not to, a request they made in a disingenuous, tone-deaf letter that called what was clearly a bullying incident a “fight video.”

I chose not to share it out of respect for you. There are those who would say that you were humiliated in that video. Perhaps you yourself felt that way."

The Refusal To Get Humiliated 

Choosing between beating or dignity which means kissing Montes’ shoes and balls, the kid who's at the time busy minding his own business chose to beat afterward. For the writer, such act is tantamount to a refusal to get humiliated. Then the assault began wherein he received a series of kicks and hits from the Ateneo’s very own Taekwondo champion who loves to hit and taunt his schoolmates for no particular reason.

"You refused.

Then the assault began. The bully began hitting and kicking you. You were no match for a kid who, it’s been reported, was trained to fight, who is known to enjoy fighting, taunting, attacking, hitting, kicking other kids for no reason other than to show he can do anything he wants."

You Are Trying To Fight Back 

The writer recounts how the young man was seen in the video trying to raise his fists, seems ready to fight back. Unlucky enough to get overwhelmed by his attacker, he was stunned solidly in the face and went disoriented at the bathroom corner. The picture seems to be enjoyed by the thug and made him more aggressive, described as an animal.

Photo from TheWorldNews
The scene when the young man walks away in tears and in bloody face is believed by the netizen as a sign of bravery.

"You tried to fight back

Toward the end of the video, you could be seen raising your fists. You were ready to fight back.

But the bully overwhelmed you. That was not surprising — the thug knew how to fight. The thug enjoyed fighting.

He landed a solid punch to your face that clearly stunned you. And as you retreated into a corner of the bathroom, disoriented and in pain, the bully attacked even more ferociously, like an animal. He kicked and hit you harder, without mercy.

Then he stopped. And you walked away, bloodied, in tears. But, in my view, you were not humiliated."

Keeping The Dignity 

The writer admires the courage shown by the kid. Choosing not to take the bait and lick the thug’s shoes and balls and opting to get beaten is a sign of courage. Standing his ground, as he asserts. He also reiterates about things about the kid’s cannot and can control in life. However, he can freely decide on how he can respond to things, crises, in and out of school.