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Rule #1: Do Not Keep It A Secret, Well-known Psychiatrist Gives Advice To Victims of Bullying

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In lieu of the viral bu££ying video in social media today, a well-known psychiatrist Randy Dellosa shed a light for victims of bu££ying.

He gave tips on what’s best to do in case you find yourself in the middle of the darkness: 

1. Do Not Keep It A Secret

Let people know about your struggles. Dellosa advice one to empower yourself to tell to the concern people what you are actually going through. They are the ones who have all the means to protect you like your parents, teachers, and guidance counselors

Randy Dellosa, photo from
2. Do Not Fight Back

It is advisable not to fight them back especially when you are not equipped with martial arts.
You will only cause yourself with more harm. Oot to be called coward than to risk your life with the bu££ies.

3. Shield Yourself With Friends

Dellosa says, there is strength in numbers. Bu££ies love picking on alone individuals so that they can make whatever they want to do out of the victim. Be with your friends even if you are just going home. Be with your group.

4. Visit A Guidance Counselor

Please, do not keep the emotional trauma to yourself. If such circumstance is depressing you, one is advised to seek professional help.

5. Do Not Turn Your Anger To Other People

Like what Dr. Dellosa said,

“Huwag ka rin mam-bu££y.” Turn your anger to physical activities, art, or visiting guidance counselors.

6. Remember, You Are Not Alone 

You are not alone in the fight. You are not the only one experiencing bu££ying. There’s more of them out there and you may request your school counselor to have you guys join in a group therapy session.

7. You Are Not a Weak Person 

Do not believe in the things that your bu££y is telling you. You are not a weak person, or ugly, or not smart. You are not the one at disadvantage but the one victimizing you.

A Victim of Bu!!ying 

Dellosa recount how he was bu££ied in school during 2nd grade. He has experienced being beaten up too. He was strong enough to shove off the idea that he was being picked on and made the experience as his inspiration as he gears up towards his future. He calls on to victims to speak up and stand up for their right and do not hesitate to let older people know.

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1. MAGSUMBONG. Never keep it a secret. Isang dahilan kaya napili kang i-bully ay alam niyang isesekreto mo lang kahit i-bully ka niya. Empower yourself by telling adults such as your teacher, your parents, parents of classmates, your guidance counselor, your principal, prefect of discipline, security guard, etc. These are people who will want to protect you.

2. HUWAG MANLABAN. Don’t physically fight back kung hindi ka proficient sa martial arts. The bully is usually bigger and stronger than you and baka may 'resbak' pa siyang kasama. You may be endangering your life kung manlaban ka pa. Umiwas ka na lang at tumakbo. Mas mabuti nang matawag kang duwag kesa mapahamak pa yung buhay mo.

3. GAWIN MONG SHIELD ANG FRIENDS MO. Surround yourself with friends, even as you are going home. Mas ita-target ka ng bully kapag alam niyang nagiisa ka o mapagisa ka. There is strength in numbers. Ask help from your friends. True friends will actually step up and want to protect you.

4. MAGPA-COUNSELING KA SA GUIDANCE COUNSELOR NIYO. Kakampi mo iyan. Huwag mong kimkimin ang emotional trauma na natamo mo from bullying. Kung feeling mong nadedepress ka o nagkaka-anxiety attack ka na, humingi ka na ng professional help from a psychologist or psychiatrist kesa naman lumala pa ang trauma mo.

5. HUWAG MO IBALING SA IBA ANG GALIT MO. Huwag ka ring mam-bully. Mas mabuting mailabas mo ang sama ng loob mo through counseling, physical exercise, art, or other activities imbis na ibuhos mo ang galit sa iba.

6. DI KA NAGIISA. Realize na hindi lang ikaw ang biktima ng bullying. Tahimik rin lang yung mga ibang bully victims sa school mo. Kung gusto mong makilala, makausap, at maka-relate sa mga schoolmates mong binu-bully rin, i-request mo sa guidance counselor niyo na pagtipunin kayo for a group therapy session.

7. HINDI KA MAHINANG TAO. Huwag kang maniwala sa mga pinagsasabing insulto ng bully sa iyo. Hindi ka masama, pangit, o mahinang tao. Remember that yung behaviors ng bully-- yung pangabuso at pananakit niya sa iyo ang masama, hindi ikaw.

I remember na nabully rin ako nung nasa grade school ako. Kinuwelyuhan pa nga ako at inangat ng mga 2 feet sa air dahil maliit at patpatin ako. Dinedma ko lang naman yung pangyayari pero sa pagtanda ko, ang karanasan kong ito ang nag-inspire din sa akin na tumulong sa mga victims ng bullying.

So sa mga bully victims diyan, magpatulong kayo sa family, friends, counselor, at school authorities niyo. Lampasan niyo lang itong bad episode ng buhay niyo. Malay niyo, later on ay baka mabigyan kayo ng pagkakataon na makatulong din sa mga biktima ng pambu-bully.

Have a good day, folks! Good vibes lang ha, walang hate. Mahatma Randhi :-)

Source: Randy Dellosa