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German National Tears Up As His Wallet With P600k Was Returned Complete By A Couple From Bulacan

Photo from GMA Network
Nowadays, our news is full of bad reports of k!llings, robbery, and other saddening criminal acts. This is why it is a welcome sight when we see news that give us good vibes and happy feelings.

Just like this news from GMA’s Balitambayan. A good samaritan couple Felix and Lera Joy Maquiling found a wallet near a cashier in an SM Mall in Bulacan. Immediately, they thought that the lady in front of them was the one who left it. They went around the mall to look for the woman but they weren’t successful in locating her.

The foreigner’s side

The owner of the wallet Bernadette Castillo was with her German National partner strolling the mall last Thursday when they left the wallet that has 10,000 Euro or about P600,000. When they realized they left it, they immediately went back to the cashier they came from and they were told that somebody else have picked it up.

Bernadette Castillo with her German National partner, photo screenshot from Youtube
Police help

Lera, who picked it up was even caught on the CCTV camera as she picked up the wallet. But according to her, it never occurred to her and her husband to take the money for themselves.

When they weren’t able to find the lady in front of them in the cashier, they went to their friend who is a Senior Police Officer 1 to ask for help. SPO1 Jacklyn Salboro took the wallet and attempted to find the owner by looking for them in Facebook.

Common friend

When she searched for the name of the owner on Facebook, she found out that they have one common friend. She contacted the friend and asked her if she can call the wallet owner and tell her to go to the station so it can be properly turned over to them.

 Photo screenshot from Youtube
Alexander and Bernadette didn’t know how to thank the couple who returned their wallet. They burst into tears as they thank them and told the reporters that they are saving taht money for something special and that they are thankful it was returned.

Doesn’t this make you smile and restore your faith in humanity?

Watch the video below: