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MMDA Enforcer Went Viral After Calling An Alleged Traffic Violator “Ugly”

Screenshot photos from NEWS5 video
MMDA officers are often engaged in road rages. We can say that it isn’t an easy task to apprehend traffic violators when some are not participating. But one thing is for sure, the administration today is now tightening its rules to implement discipline for everyone, especially on roads.

The Violator’s Side of Story 

A video from a netizen, Albert Bugarin hit the headlines after a female MMDA enforcer insulted his facial features and literally called him ugly. From News5 report, the motorist was just supposed to send someone to a bus terminal in Cubao. After given a ticket with the female’s co-enforcer, the lady started to insult him. The two apprehended him and insist that he violated the “yellow lane rule.”

Screenshot photo from NEWS5 video
The alleged violator, however, defends himself by throwing words to the enforcer as well. The video shows how the lady enforcer tries to get him into a video while her co-enforcer prevents her to lose temper.

According to MMDA, they will look into the case for review.

Irk Netizens Strike Back 

The netizens didn’t let the video pass and bombarded the female enforcer with an insult. The lady enforcer was called with many names. By now, the violator apparently got sympathy from the mass without even looking through the whole story. Some claims that the video only shows a part of the story and does not sum up the case. One netizen says that the video seems one-sided for it only shows a part in favor of the uploader. Whatever the real story is, it leaves both parties at fault.

Screenshot photo from NEWS5 video
Moreover, some netizens believe that the lady enforcer, as a government employee should act like the bigger person and handle the situation professionally.

Professionalism and Participation 

The key, in order to attain a peaceful environment on the road, is the professionalism of the traffic enforcers and a willing participation from the motorists. If there will be any concern about some traffic police, motorists instead bring the matter to the right venue.

Watch the video below:

Source: News5