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Priest says sorry to Ogie Diaz after homophobic remark during homily

Ogie Diaz receives an apology to Father Monet after homophobic remark during homily. Image combined credit to Facebook and Pnoy Churches
Actor comedian Ogie Diaz receives an apology from a priest in Quezon City, after posting his remark on the priest' homily last Sunday. 

According to Diaz, he shared his experience thru his Facebook post searching for the priest who have done homily last December 2 at the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Quezon City. 

“Hindi naman para husgahan ko si father bilang ganti sa paghusga niya sa mga bakla,” Diaz wrote, explaining why he was silent after the priest’s remark. “Gusto ko na lang siyang unawain bilang ako ay isang Kristiyano at pinili ko ding wag nang uminit ang ulo para di ma-convert sa wrinkles.”

(This is not to judge Father in retaliation to him judging gays. I just want to understand him as a Christian and I chose not to get angry so that I won’t get wrinkles.)

He was with his 9-year-old daughter when the priest made a remark on a TV show in ABS-CBN where gay gender are the contestants.

Unique na pamilya! Ogie Diaz, his partner of 18 years & their children. Image credit to
“Alam nyo, nung one time, pagbukas ko ng TV, ang palabas ay ‘It’s Showtime,'” Diaz recounted the priest’s statement. “Ang naabutan ko ay yung Miss Q and A kung saan napapanood mo yung mga bakla.”

(Do you know, one time, when I opened the TV, the show playing was “It’s Showtime.” I caught the Miss Q and A [segment] where one can watch gays.)

“Ewan ko ba kumbakit kinukunsinti ang mga baklang ito (I don’t know why these gays are being condoned),” the priest stated.

An apologetic priest 

After netizen in Facebook learned the post from Ogie Diaz, in his comment section he shared that the priest already apologize thru a friend. 

The parish priest whom he is looking for was Father Ramon Monet Bosch who made the remark against gender in the middle of the sermon last Sunday.

Image screenshot credit to Inquirer
According to Diaz, to whom his Facebook post was already deleted. Father Monet already apologized thru a friend. The contents of the apology was not mentioned. 

“Hi, guys! Nag-apologize na si Fr. Monet (apologized) thru a friend,” Diaz commented. “Salamat po (Thank you).” It was not mentioned what the contents of the apology were.


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Source: Inquirer