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Isang Kasambahay Humingi ng 50k Dahil SinapAk ng Amo, Di Umobra kay Idol Raffy

Screenshot photos from Raffy Tulfo in Action/Youtube
Recently, a certain Marlene Rubeno, 50-year-old and working as a domestic went to Raffy Tulfo to complaints her 70-year-old senior citizen, Ligaya Habaradas employer because of h1tting her.

Raffy then interviewed Marlene on his program “Raffy Tulfo in Action” and asked what really happened. The domestic narrated that her employer, Ligaya Habaradas was susp3cting her that she is allegedly stealing some of the things in her house.

When Marleve revealed all of the details of what happened, Raffy Tulfo found out that that the people who were living on the house was her employer, her daughter, and her grandchild.
Screenshot photo from Raffy Tulfo in Action/Youtube
After that, Raffy called Ligaya to def3nd herself to the complaints against her and also to clear herself on the accusation. The employer then responded and said that Marlene was always having her day off every time there is no one that was left in the house that’s why her things were not insp3cted.
Screenshot photo from Raffy Tulfo in Action/Youtube
In the end, the domestic demands to her employer to pay all of the damages that her employer caused to her which includes the abuse to her and the mental trauma that she experienced. She also demanded money that is worth around 50 thousand pesos and she also wanted to hold the vacation of her employer in abroad.

However, Raffy noticed something that Marlene has a different motive and just using his program just to get what she wanted if ever that Raffy will help her.

After observing the actions that Marlen was doing, Raffy then directly said to Marlen that he believes that her employer was telling the truth that’s why he was saying sorry to Marlene because he cannot able help her on her problem and he also said that she should seek for the help of the authorities on her complaint.

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