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Pro-SOGIE Bill Senator Imee Marcos: SOGIE is dead

Sen. Imee Marcos and Gretchen Diez. Image from Marcos' Instagram
Did the number one SOGIE Bill supporter Senator Imee Marcos already changed her tune towards this controversial bill?

SOGIE is dead

On Monday (September 9), the neophyte senator herself admitted the downfall of the very same bill that she was pushing for.

In an event called the Manila Overseas Press Club for First Time Senators Forum, Marcos said the SOGIE bill is “dead” in the Senate.

Despite her admission, the senator maintained that she is still in favor of the bill, mentioning the contribution of the LGBT to the community: "We certainly owe them a great deal,"

"But at the same time, I believe the SOGIE bill in the Senate is dead. I think it is over," Marcos regrettably said.

For Marcos, the discussions on the proposal in both the Senate and outside Congress have become too "acrimonious" that made the measure itself a casualty.
Senators opposing SOGIE Bill. Image from PEP
Senator opposing SOGIE Bill. Image from Rappler
It can be remembered that Sen. Marcos even made an initiative of backing the bill by filing her own version of it.

Dirty politics

Explaining what went wrong that made the bill's chance of passing slim, Marcos said "politics" had something to do with the way it was presented to the public that made it unnecessarily controversial.

"The politics or the strategy has been all wrong so that it’s become very, very controversial, unnecessarily so," she said.

Along with Marcos is Risa Hontiveros who sponsored and authored the pro-LGBT bill.
Image from Hontiveros' office
Image from GMA News
Source: Stanley Clyde C. Flores