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Hindi pagpapatuli, maari nga bang magdulot ng kanser?

Hindi pagpapatuli, maari nga bang magdulot ng kanser?
Pagpapatuli, photo from City of Bogo
Explained: Not Getting Circumcised May Cause Cancer

Every summer is a fun and exciting time for kids, except maybe for boys nearing their teens who are scheduled to be circumcised that summer. But decline as they may, it is important for boys to go through this "rite of passage" especially when studies show that not having it done may lead to complications and even cancer.

How can it be dangerous?

Circumcision is the process where the foreskin of a man's private part is cut. According to urologist Joseph Lee, the bacteria that pools inside the foreskin that is not removed is what may cause diseases even cancer.

"Minsan kasi pag sinasabi na may excessive foreskin maaaring (magdulot) ng bacteria infection, discharge na naiipon, bacterial infection na maaaring pagmulan ng diseases,"

Medium for growth

Speaking at "Good Vibes" of DZMM, Lee explained that when bacteria starts to grow in the hidden part of the foreskin which is exposed in the glands of the pen*s, it can cause penile cancer.

"Kung matagal na nagtatago sa area na naka-expose ang glans penis, may tendency na maaaring magdulot siya ng penile cancer, maaaring maipon ang bacteria ... kasi puwede 'yan maging medium for growth,"

Right age to get it done

Upon being asked about the right age to get circumcised,  Lee says that there is no right age to get it done. As soon as the foreskin can be retracted backward, then it is time to be circumcised.

If cancer is the outcome, then it is safe to say that not being circumcised is not an option at all, don't you think? If budget is your problem, then watch out for the "Free Circumcision" drives of local and small government units every summer.

What a short amount of pain for a lifetime of peace of mind that you'll be safe from penile cancer gotten from being uncircumcised, right?

Source: ABS-CBN News