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Rags to riches: Yolanda survivor wins P25M raffle

Telecommunications corporation Smart recently released a raffle with the biggest prize worth P25 million, and one lucky Leyte native has won the prize, changing hers and her family’s life forever.
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The raffle was for everyone who availed of the AMAZING 25 product that Smart had. And the winner was only one of the many people all around the country to entered.

Ravaged by Yolanda

Although the name of the winner is not revealed for security reasons, it is known that the winner’s family was one of the many people whose lives were ruined by Typhoon Yolanda.

During the time that the typhoon hit, she said that she was staying with her aunt and was not affected as much as her family house was.

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She told the story about how when she got back, she found her family hiding under a table with their whole house and things gone, destroyed by the storm.

We lost everything, and we haven’t gotten around to fixing our house,” she said.

Not only that, but the storm had affected them greatly that she said they were not able to get their house fixed yet.

Would I be absorbed by the new management? If not, could I find a new job?” Those were the thoughts hounding her at that moment. “I thought it was a scam, so I asked a work mate to read it for me,” she recalled.
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How fortunate for her that now she finally has the money to get around to fixing their house and living better lives knowing that they can afford their necessities.

Money for the future

When asked what she would be doing with the money, she answered that she will heed the advice of PLDT-Smart hair, chief executive officer and president Manuel V. Pangilinan.
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She was able to go to Makati to claim her prize and it was personally handed over by Pangilinan who also shared with her some tips on handling the money.

She was told by Pangilinan to invest in food and technology in order to make her money grow and to further help her family even more.

Because of this, she said that some of the money will be used to finish he education of her siblings, some will be used to fix the house, some to be used to set up a piggery and a farming business, and the rest will be saved in her bank account.

Source: Inquirer