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Russian students studying Filipino speaks Tagalog to express admiration to Duterte, PH

While in Russia, Eagle News spotted students who are currently studying the Filipino language in their country.

The videos that circulated online went viral as the netizens were amazed by how fluent these Russians are in speaking Tagalog even if it's not their native tounge.

Two videos from Eagle News featured the said students.

In the first video, a female student can be seen speaking in Tagalog as she expresses her admiration for the Philippines. She also thanked the Filipinos who visited their country, referring to  Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and the Philippine delegates.

"Gusto kong sabihin maraming maraming salamat sa pagdalaw ng mga Pilipino dito sa Moscow." the student said.

Maria Plume, the student who is studying the language in Moscow State University, began by introducing herself.

"Magandang araw! Ang pangalan ko Maria Plume at ako ay estudyante dito sa Moscow ng wikang Tagalog." she said.

"Lalong gusto ko po ang event dito na naganap sa Four Seasons Hotel." the same added.

Plume also mentioned how she enjoyed the event so much, the dance and the songs included. She also cited how she, of all the things that happened in the forum, liked the occasion that signals stronger bilateral relations between the Philippines and Russia.

She concluded by saying "Salamat po at magandang araw!"

Meanwhile, in another video, three male students were interviewed by Eagle News Service.

They started by introducing themselves and were later asked what they want to say in Tagalog.

Danilo said: "Ano ang pangalan ko? Danilo. Ako ay estudyante sa Moscow (Moscow State University)."

While the one who identified himself as Daniel suddenly blurted to the reporter: "Ikinagagalak ko kayong makilala" to which Emy Coloma, the Eagle News correspondent, said likewise.

The other, however, admitted that his Tagalog is not that good yet as he is still learning the language.

"Tagalog ko hindi mabuti pa, but I hope I will improve into (sic) the future." he explained.

According to the report from Eagle News, the three said they love the Filipino language and also expressed their admiration for Philippine president.

They regret that they miss the chance to take a picture with Duterte when he attended the Philippine Gala performance.

They said they hope the Philippines and Russia continue to strengthen bilateral relations.

They were among the many Russian students who were invited to the event. They were interviewed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Moscow after the Philippine Cultural Gala Performance attended by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on October 4, 2019, Friday.

The Philippine delegates showcased performance from the Madrigal Singers and the Bayanihan Dance group.

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