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Mga Taong Hindi Marunong Magbayad ng Utang, Pwede na Ngayong Makasuhan

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It Is Possible To File Charges Against People Who Don’t Pay Their “Utang”

For the longest time, people who are having a hard time making ends meet result to getting small loans from family and friends and even from their neighborhood small stores. This is the reason why the rise of online and easy loans are prevalent nowadays.

Hidden precaution

Because of this, a lot of people are resulting to it without knowing that they are sometimes putting themselves deeper than where they were when they started borrowing. However, the challenge comes to the lenders when it is time to get their money back.

Good news

For the information of those who do not know, it is possible to file charges to those who do not pay their loans back.

The 2016 Revised Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Court was put into action last February 1, 2016. Under the Revised Rules, it will be faster and cheaper to file charges against the people who owe you money.

The Supreme Court clarified that it will not be expensive and the results will be released in 30 days.

“Ito po ay abot-kayang hustisya. Sapagkat sa pananaw naming, wala pong maliit na halaga na hindi dapat ayusin ng hustisya. Sa small claims, sisiguraduhin natin na ang batas ay maging simple, mabilis, mura.”

More information

This rule will cover money profess from loan, debt, rent, services, and mortgages that is not more than P200,000. As soon as the complainant files a case, the defendant will be informed and then the court will schedule a hearing in just 30 days.

If both party does not answer, a decision will be released by the court in 24 hours.

For the rule not to be misapplied, there will be extra charges for every defendant. There will also be additional charges if the loan was made more than 5 years ago already.

Source: ABS-CBN News