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DOH: Vapes Don't Help Smokers Quit!

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Last year, the Department of Health invalidated claims that electronic cigarettes and vapes decrease tobacco harm and can actually make smokers quit.

DOH Undersecretary Eric Domingo in an interview, emphasized that there have been no adequate proof perceived by international and local health authorities that vapes and e-cigarettes are compelling smoking suspension treatments, thus, not registered nor regulated.

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"It has never been approved as a smoking cessation aid. No country or regulatory agency has approved vapes as a smoking cessation aid. As a smoking cessation aid, it is really not recognized, not registered, nor regulated," said Domingo.

He then added that there is no persuading proof yet that can obviously demonstrate that these vapes can actually make someone quit smoking.

"Simply because there are no convincing evidence yet that can clearly prove that such products can make one stop smoking," he added.

Likewise, Domingo announced that there are other ways to stop and vape is definitely not one of them. And these are medically-recognized nicotine replacement therapies, such as nicotine gum, transdermal patch, spray, inhaler, and lozenges.

"There are other ways for us to cease smoking. We have the quitlines, smoking cessation programs, merong paggamit ng nicotine patch or gums, wherein no other chemicals will be entering your body," said the health official.

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This statement of Domingo was said after reports came out that scientists and academicians in the 7th annual E-Cigarette Summit in London presented their findings showing that allegedly e-cigarettes and vapes are an effective method to reduce tobacco harm and make smokers quit.

Such reports were made amidst Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's announcement of vape and e-cigarette banning in the country.

Meanwhile, Francisco Duque III, DOH Secretary said that the Health department is mandated to follow the marching orders of the President, hence, will support and enforce such law.

He further reminds those who will object the President's verbal orders and said to just wait for the executive order from the palace.

"We are supporting the President's public pronouncement being our President, the head of the executive branch of government. So, we will have to enforce it. We will have to make sure that this is followed to the letter."

"Let us also wait for the EO (Executive Order). That will really be clarifying all issues," ended Duque.

Source: Yahoo News