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Tidal wave ravages in Mindoro

Tidal wave slammed a coastal town in Occidental Mindoro that was supposedly caused by Typhoon Quiel, Friday.

A town in Mindoro was shocked by the destructive waves brought by the tropical storm ‘Quiel’. It was a 5-meter high that displaced more than 600 people after it ravaged in the coastal villages of Paluan, Occidental Mindoro.

According to Paluan Mayor Carl Pangilinan, at least 26 houses were destroyed with other 50 houses damaged. They are all in 10 of the town's coastal barangays.

“It started Wednesday night until Friday morning. The strong waves destroyed houses, fortunately, there was no casualty” said Pangilinan.

Mayor Pangilinan also mentioned that at least 58 fishing boats of local residents were damaged.

“The most affected is our local economy because of the damaged fishing boats,” the Mayor stated.

“We are planning to have a meeting and we will propose for the declaration of state of calamity,” he added.

The municipality evacuated around 620 individuals from 100 families that were affected by the calamity.

The Paluan Mayor said the evacuees went to barangay halls and other areas that are deemed safe from the raging waves. He added, however, that the residents have already gone back to rebuild their homes.

Damaged boats were in the towns of Paluan, Mamburao, Sta. Cruz, Rizal and Sablayan according to the Head of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office of Occidental Mindoro, Mario Mulingbayan.

On Saturday morning, typhoon Quiel left the Philippine area of responsibility without making landfall.
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