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Filipinos Cheering for Timor Leste to Also Win a Medal is the Sweetest Thing in SEAG History!

Timor Leste Athletes in SEA Games opening ceremony | Photo credit to the owner
As the third day of the 30th Southeast Asian Games comes to a close, the host nation, Philippines is still in the number one spot subsequent to continuing its gold medal rush, this time in wushu and arnis.

However, the same can't be said about Timor Leste, which still can't seem to get a platform finish in any of the competitions and has yet to win at least one medal in the ongoing Southeast Asian Games.

SEA Games 2019 Medal Tally | Photo credit to Spin PH

Like that of Laos who already has five bronze medals to show, East Timor or now Timor Leste whose first SEA Games participation was in 2003, would be fortunate to reproduce its three-bronze campaign two years ago.

Nonetheless, if there's something great that this sad beginning Timor Leste has been achieving, it's the Filipino fans and SEA Games community cheering for them in their bid for winning, showing their support and expressing the spirit of sportsmanship on social media.

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With all that being said, "Timor Leste" is allegedly been trending on Philippine Twitter now, with more than 3,600 tweets as of this writing. 

Photo credit to Twitter

Photo credit to Twitter

These said tweets are very inspiring and heart warming and without a doubt, the sweetest thing in the SouthEast Asian Games history, as everyone can be seen holding and bearing the message of the Games: 'We truly win as one.'

Some local netizens are waving the (digital) Timor Leste flag in support of their SEA rival's chase for that elusive medal.

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One user even drew up a manga rendition of the brotherly love between the Philippines and East Timor. #WeWinAsOne

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