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British blogger sumulat ng isang open letter bilang paghanga sa viral Pinoy rapper na si Ez Mil

Photo courtesy of Facebook @Malcolm Conlan

Muling nagpakita ng paghanga sa ating mga Pilipino ang isang London based British blogger na si Malcolm Conlan, isang dayuhan na kilalang Pinoy at heart at tagahanga ng kasalukuyang administrasyon.

Sumulat ng isang open letter si Conlan para sa sumisikat na Pinoy rap artist na si Ez Mil na nakabase sa Amerika, dahil sa kanta nitong "Panalo" kung saan ipinapahayag nito ang kanyang pagmamahal sa tinubuang bayan at kahit pa man naninirahan siya sa ibang bansa ay mahal pa rin nya ang lahing kayumanggi. *

Nagviral ang kanta nyang ito at kasalukuyang umaabot na sa 10 million views sa kanyang debut performance sa Wish Bus live sa Amerika. At usap usapan ngayon sa social media ang baguhang Pinoy rapper.

Narito ang kabuuan ng open letter ng British blogger na si Malcom Conlan:

An Open Letter to Ez Mil

Hello sir,

I just thought I would write to you personally to offer you my congratulations on the success of your latest viral song #Panalo. 

I have listened to this more than 100 times to date and am truly hooked. I know it has been viewed millions of times and I can see why, it’s truly EPIC. 

You deliver your lyrics with such passion and conviction. Whatever people might say, I can see you are incredibly proud to be Filipino. You wear the Philippines on your heart and sleeve. Although you are currently living in America, it is very clear to me that your heart, soul, spirit and love is for your motherland and people. *

Photo courtesy of Wish 107

You are insanely talented and your lyrics as well as melody, passion and creativity is off the scale. I do believe you are a great ambassador and role model for other young people who want to make it in life and have a dream. I can see such passion in you to get your message across and you tell such important stories through your music. 

As I am sure you have noticed, so many musicians, vloggers and YouTube personalities around the world have done online reviews of your song, but as my YouTube abilities are a bit rubbish, I felt I would write to you. 

I am sorry to hear that you were bullied and discriminated against at school or at least judged because of your look. I also greatly admire that whilst some others may bash their own country or upbringing or not be proud of their country, you speak of the Philippine flag and being proud of your roots and soil with such passion.  *

Photo courtesy of Facebook @EZ Mil

Your music and drive really brought me to tears and when I encourage others to listen to your video that you sung live on the Wish USA Music bus, the same thing happens to me, I get very emotional. I too love your country with all my heart and soul and therefore resonated with your music. I hope to be able to speak to your personality one day. 

I know I speak for many Filipinos around the globe who would like to personally thank you for promoting your country and passion for the Philippines on the world stage. You are a very talented young man who has an incredible future. You are surely the Enimem of the Philippines and I do hope you get the chance to collaborate with him or other major rappers. You deserve it pare!!!

Maraming salamat po. I salute you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving your country and standing up for what you believe in!!! 

Thanks too to all the team at Wish USA for showcasing this amazing talent and all the work you do to help make the nation proud. 

(I even did my own YouTube reaction video to express my feelings too. I am so amazed by your song - 

Best wishes, 

Malcolm Conlan

Netizen and Filipino at heart,