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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Netizens Grilled Neri Colmenares After Releasing Figures of Human Right Violations During Martial Law In Mindanao

December 16, 2018
Neri Colmenares, photo from
Neri Colmenares, a human rights lawyer, and an activist has recently taken his chance in the Senate for the 2019 election. He will be representing Bayan Muna. The leftist posted his brave opinion regarding the extension of Martial Law to December 2019. With an image showing rundown of figures on alleged human rights violations, netizens find Colmenares irrelevant. In his post,

“The war versus terror in Marawi was won in 2017, but Martial Law has remained all throughout 2018. Now Duterte is again requesting that Martial Law in Mindanao be extended until December 2019.” 

Human Rights Violation In Lieu of Martial Law

Once again, Colmenares hit the Duterte administration. With the given numbers, his post claims thousands affected by the martial law in regards to frustrated killiN9s, illegal arrests, kill3d by the military, and illegal detention due to false and criminal charges.

Irate Netizens Comment 

Irate netizens slay Colmenares for claims against the Martial Law extension as requested by President Duterte. One even dares Colmenares to file a legal complaint as the human rights activist throws serious allegations against Duterte. Many have declared “#NoToNPA” and even classified the rebels as “salot sa bayan.”

Mindanaoans Support Martial Law Extension

Netizens believed that the figures claimed by Colmenares as work of Duterte admin are in fact violated by the NPA terrorists. Some dare the Manila-based politicians and those who oppose the martial law extension to try to live in Mindanao for them to know the real situation there. Mindanaoans has recently expressed their trust in the imposed martial law order by Duterte. As they claimed, they have felt safe and secured under the order. Despite given news references from Colmenares, one netizen wonders why no Mindanaoan protests against the order and only Luzon residents have the nerve to fight their claim against the government.

Read full post below:

Today, Human Rights Day, the Senate will be holding an Executive Session to talk about another extension for Duterte's Martial Law in Mindanao.

The war versus terror in Marawi was won in 2017, but Martial Law has remained all throughout 2018. Now Duterte is again requesting that Martial Law in Mindanao be extended until December 2019.

These are numbers for human rights violations in Mindanao as of Dec 2018. #StopTheAttacks

Source: Neri Colmenares

A Veteran Journalist Expressed Full Support To Atty. Glenn Chong On The 2019 Mid-term Senatorial Election

December 16, 2018
Atty. Glenn Chong and Richard Santillan, photo compiled from unTV and Biliran Island
Jose Alejandrino, a veteran journalist and a Duterte follower are vocal in his senatorial bets on the upcoming 2019 mid-term election. Already have 10, he is about to add another name to his list. The 11th spot goes to Atty. Glenn Chong who is currently grieving on the misfortune of his close-in aide from the hands of Cainta police.

The Bravery of Glenn Chong 

Alejandrino believes that the horrible passing of Richard Santillan is a rubout and an effort to silence the election fraud whistleblower. He is convinced that the ambùsh done by the rogue cops is an order from narco-generals who are also involved in the election fraud in the 2016 presidential election. He stands firm on the fact that Chong has hit a nerve because of his exposè. Also, the journalist asserts that the mÛrd3r of Santillan is a confirmation that there really is a massive electoral fraud happening in the country.

I Support Glenn Chong 

The journalist expressed full support to Atty. Glenn Chong and his crusade to clean the electoral system of the country. He then believes in the sanctity and fundamentality of the ballot. He, as well pointed out that no one in the corrupt politicians who plundered the people’s money has gone to prison. Such an act has plundered the votes of the people through electoral fraud. The electoral protests aren’t being resolved by now which depicts mockery in the rule of law.

Where Are The Politicians, Mainstream Media, And The Do-gooders?

The Duterte follower came to find the politicians and the mainstream media in lieu of the mÙrd3r of Richard Santillan especially those he describes as who often “yak-yak” most of the time. On this fight, only Glenn Chong and netizens alone are airing their dismay. Such show of cowardice is what he believes as the problem in the country. He also came to find Chito Gascon, human right activists, and Leni Robredo who seems hiding under their bed by now or when the need of speaking out arises.

Admiring European People 

Alejandrino took Europeans as an example of bravery when it comes to protesting against an established order. Those people go out and air their sentiments even if it means being gassed out and hit by batons. But in the Philippines, many plays the role of the coward and yak-yak.

Read full post below:


By Jose Alejandrino

In previous postings, I gave my list of 10 candidates whom I support for the 2019 Senate race. I left two slots open.

Glenn Chong is now my 11th candidate to get into the Magic Twelve.

The murder of his aide and bodyguard Richard Santillan I am convinced was a rubout by rogue cops acting on the orders of narco-generals who financed electoral fraud at the May 2016 elections. Glenn had touched a raw nerve by his expose. He was hitting too close to home. As I said before, if his expose had no basis, why would they want to eliminate or frighten him? Their brutal murder of his aide I saw as a mere confirmation of the massive electoral fraud which had occurred and which they wanted covered up.

I fully support Glenn Chong's crusade to clean up our electoral system. The sanctity of the ballot to me is primordial. Corrupt politicians plundered our national treasury for which no-one has gone to jail. Voters were deprived of their votes by electoral fraud and electoral protest has not been resolved until now by PET making a total mockery of our democratic system. This dual plunder is at the heart of the ills in this country.

What surprises me is the total silence from politicians and mainstream media by which the murder of Richard Santillan was greeted. Only Glenn Chong and some brave netizens aired their disgust. It was as if everyone was paralyzed by fear. Again, it is a symptom of what is wrong in this country. Most talk but when it comes to doing something, they hide under the bed. Where are protests from the politicians and candidates running for office? Where are protests from Chito Gascon and human rights activists? Where are protests from so-called do-gooders like Leni Robredo and Risa Hontiveros who love to talk and talk? Their silence demonstrates their hypocrisy.

In Europe we are seeing people protesting against the established order. They are going out to the streets and battling police despite being teargassed and clubbed with batons. They are doing something more than talk to bring change. In this country all people do is yak-yak. Too many cowards. It is why the country won't change and why it will perish come end times. We doomed ourselves by our own hypocrisy and cowardice. We are only good when it comes to beauty contests.

Source: Hidden Truth PH

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Ex-beauty contestant, alleged niece of former Bayan Muna rep. Neri Colmenares nabbed in buy-bust

December 15, 2018

Former Binibining Cebu candidate who was nabbed in a buy-bust on early dawn of Saturday / photo from

Manila, Philippines – Early dawn on Saturday, a former Binibining Cebu candidate was reportedly caught in a buy bust operation after the police authorities recovered sachets of “marijuana” and partydrugs from her, in Cebu City.

Teri Marina Silva Colmenares aka “Tery,” 22, was arrested together with a young man identified as Nicole Allan Casiño, 24, who is allegedly the source of the party-drug.

Series of operations

Colmenares was a candidate of the 2018 Binibining Cebu representing the town of Carmen, Cebu.

According to the chief of the Guadalupe Police Precint, senior Inspector Dexter Basirgo, who conducted the buy-bust, their operations began on December 8 when they received a complaint from a r*pe victim who claimed she was m0lested twice by a disk jockey of a resto-bar by drugging her.

The suspect was arrested and confessed to the police where he gets the party-drugs.

The narco enforcement unit of Guadalupe police, at dawn on Saturday, then went on the operation, conducting a buy-bust which led to the arrest of Casiño in Salinas Drive in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City.

Casiño reportedly a native of Cagayan de Oro City but resides in Baranggay Kamputhaw, Cebu.

Marijuana in disguised

With this, in return, then led the police to Colmenares who was caught with high-grade marijuana disguised as ‘fruit pops’.

The former beauty candidate then was hand cupped in Escario Street in Kamputhaw.

The Guadalupe police chief also said that Colmenares was disguised using a fake ID and it was only after her arrest that her real identity was revealed.

Colmenares is currently detained at the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) headquarters at Camp Sotero Cabahug while Casiño is detained at the Guadalupe Police Station.*

Meanwhile, the mother of Colmenares, Merle, reportedly visited the suspect but refused to give details and talk to reporters.

LSD effects

In a Facebook report from, it was said that Teri Marina Silva Colmenares is allegedly a niece of former Bayan Muna and Makabayan official Neri Colmenares, who is also a senatoriable candidate for 2019 elections.

The recovered narcos from two suspects were seven packs of marijuana and seven packs of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD, also known as acid, a hallucinogenic drug).

LSD effects typically include altered thoughts, feelings, and awareness of one’s surroundings. 

According to research, many users see or hear things that do not exist, with their pupils dilated, blood pressure and body temperature increased. Its effects typically begin within half an hour and can last up to 12 hours.

Screen-capped image of a's Facebook post about Colmenares

Source: Sun Star, Inquirer

Lacson exposed new kickback scheme using "pork parking"

December 15, 2018

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson / photo from Philstar

Manila, Philippines – Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson bared that some legislators have found a new way to earn kickbacks or commission out of the congressional pork after a P10-billion pork barrel scam was exposed several years ago.

Before, the pork barrel scam involved the use of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) to channel money from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allocations of lawmakers to fictitious projects.

‘The new scheme’

Lacson said on Friday that the new scheme now involves large amounts of pork in the allotment for certain lawmakers who are “well-connected”, who then offer extra funds to areas or districts that are so not well-funded, on condition that the legislator making the offer chooses the contractor for their projects.

“That’s the new scheme” the senator said

“Big amounts of pork are parked in a legislative district of a well-connected congressman. Then he/she offers to share portions of that parked pork to other congressmen with very little or no pork allocations with the understanding that the choice of contractor remains with the former,” he said.

‘Only logical conclusion’

Lacson said that the one who owns the pork gets the commission even after the congressman accepts the offer for her or his district.

“In an investigator’s mind like mine, the only logical conclusion for retaining the contractor as a precondition to divert his allocation to another district is ‘commission’ or kickback from the contractor,” he explained.

Lacson said these “well-connected” congressmen and senators get allocation “in the B’s (billions) even if they know their absorptive capacity is limited because they know they can offer portions of their pork” to other legislators.*

Lacson said that he learned about this scheme of “pork parking” from a friend who is a “congressman”.

'lawmakers should denounce pork parking'

A senator’s staffer offered to the congressman’s staffer P200 million worth of projects for infrastructure for his district in return that the senator has to choose his contractor.

“In fairness to the senator, he might not know what his staff was doing or negotiating,” he added

The congressman had to decline the offer “because he can’t be sure of the quality of the project” and he would be blamed for any poor construction by his constituents," Lacson said who refused to disclose the name of the said senator as well as the congressman.

“I hope more lawmakers who don’t benefit monetarily at least come out and denounce this scourge that refuses extinction in spite of the (Supreme Court) ruling, not to mention the numerous cases pending with the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan and other courts,” Lacson said.

In 2013, the Supreme Court ruled to ban the Priority Development Assistance Fund or also known as “pork barrel.”

The senator also said that this “pork parking” scheme was confirmed by Sorsogon Rep. Deogracias Ramos Jr., who said that some party-list representatives had done it, parking their funds in his district.

 Source: Inquirer

Gov’t official doubts Time Magazine's award given to Maria Ressa

December 15, 2018
In a Facebook post, Lorraine Marie Badoy, Presidential Communications Operations Office Undersecretary says that the long-running international magazine, Time, is no longer “reputable” for awarding CEO Rappler Maria Ressa as a person of the year.
Rappler CEO Maria Ressa / Photo from One Mega Lifestyle

Ressa as Person of the Year

Time Magazine has recently awarded Ressa for being the Person of the Year in 2018. Stating that she was able to stand up to deliver the truth to the people amidst countless and intense criticisms and shame coming from staunch supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration.

Ressa says that she fights for press freedom and for true and honest reporting even if it hurts her reputation.

However, many people do not believe in this, and do not believe in Rappler.
PCOO Usec Lorraine Marie Badoy / Photo from Rappler

Many people like Badoy have lost their trust in the media entity and said that they are “fake news media”.

Time afraid of Duterte

In line with the award that Ressa received, Badoy thinks that it was only given to the journalist because the international magazine has lost their touch and has favored people like Ressa.

She goes on to say that it seems like Time was a reputable institution that no longer is.

She adds that she feels like the award was only given to Ressa in order to upset or perhaps derail the Philippine president.

Badoy questions the award. Saying that Ressa is an “unimpressive journalist” while the president is someone who has been attacking “real enemies”. She further said that the president has “upset the global balance” and that media entities have feared this, stating as a rationale for the reward.
Rappler CEO Maria Ressa / Photo from Rappler

On the other hand, she believes that Ressa is some who is only there for the mere purpose of destroying the President.

Read more about her post here:

“Traffic chika

I think Maria Ressa being Time Person of the Year is real interesting.

It reminds me of the pieces in a puzzle a doctor needs to put together before she is able to see the complete picture and make an accurate diagnosis.

First, all you see is the tiredness that never leaves your patient. So you say, "Maybe you need to sleep 8 hours."

And still, the fatigue persists.

Then there is some bleeding. That you try to manage with anti-coagulants and a series of diagnostic tests.

And then soon there is bone pain.

And it takes awhile for you to see the dimensions of this Enemy.

What you thought was run-of-the-mill insomnia turns out to be a malignancy.


Which is why I find this whole thing interesting. And I can't help but look at it with a cold clinical eye.

A most unimpressive journalist who has mouthed outrageous lies peddled by Western media (and his political foes) against a most courageous President who has taken on our REAL enemies and has upset the global balance of power- something no Philippine president before him has ever done- has been rewarded by an institution we had, for quite awhile, thought of as reputable.

Well, the great thing about all these is we know better now. There goes 'reputable' in other words.

And we are getting glimpses of the Nameless, Faceless Ones behind these supposedly reputable institutions.

And we can now question all those tales these 'reputable institutions' have churned out through the years that we swallowed them- hook, line, sinker.

And have some idea what the Agenda is.

They have given us a crystal clear clue as to how low they will sink with the hilarity of their choice as Person of the Year. (Kinda like Pokwang winning the Lawrence Olivier Award lol)

That's how afraid they are of this man, our President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte- methinks because he has upset the world order.

And most likely, how they'd like nothing more than destroy him.

Interesting, donchatinkso?"

A letter to Meaghan Tobin of South China Morning Post who said Maria Ressa was arrested

December 15, 2018
Mark Lopez, a radio broadcaster and a staunch supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte took to Facebook recently to call out a foreign new media for an article they made which he called “incorrect and misleading”.
Mark Lopez and Meaghan Tobin / Composite photos from Twitter and South China Morning Post

Chinese media reports on Ressa

South China Morning Post recently released and article on Rappler’s CEO, Maria Ressa, saying that the journalist was arrested in the Philippines over a case of tax evasion charged against her.

Ressa was charged with violating Section 255 of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, along with another warrant of arrest.

The journalist had just come back to the Philippines after receiving her award from the international Times magazine, recognizing and awarding her for being the prestigious “Person of the Year” in 2018.
Maria Ressa / Photo from ABS-CBN

After arriving back in the country, Ressa surrendered herself to the Philippine National Police and then posted bail.

Arrest never happened

Lopez argues against Meaghan Tobin, the writer of the article in the South China Morning Post. Saying that it was never true that Ressa was arrested.

He says that although there was a warrant that was released for Ressa, the actual act of being put in jail and detained because of the warrant did not happen.

He says that he cannot imagine where Tobin got her information because he is sure that if ever Ressa was indeed arrested, then there should have been a high media coverage of the incident.

He further accuses Tobin of bias. Saying that it could have been Ressa who told Tobin about being arrested when in fact it did not happen.
Maria Ressa / Photo from Rappler

He continues on to say that Tobin should immediately clarify her article or give proof that the arrest happened. If not, Lopez says that this only means that the foreign media entity is spreading fake news.

Read more about it here:

"Dear Meaghan Tobin of the South China Morning Post,

May we ask where did you get your information that Maria Ressa WAS ARRESTED? WHEN was the ARREST made? WHO made the ARREST?

Also, where was the media coverage of such arrest? Surely a public figure like Maria Ressa would merit a high profile feature and her supposed arrest would be banner and headline news.

Are you really sure there was an arrest? Are you a reporter based here in Manila? Or are you simply a timid desk editor there in Singapore, relying on what your colleague Maria Ressa told you? How did you come up with such a story?

Again, we here in the Philippines are so disturbed that a foreigner journalist like you would have the temerity to make up a story that did not happen but would have serious repercussion on the image and reputation of our country.

Let me tell you that we are most certain that Maria Ressa was NEVER ARRESTED because this is the kind of event that we Filipinos have been waiting with keen anticipation. A warrant of arrest was issued by the court but the actual arrest never happened and she voluntarily went to the court to post bail.

So again we ask you Ms Tobin, WHEN WAS MARIA RESSA ARRESTED?

Please show us the proof, otherwise you and the South China Morning Post are spreading FAKE NEWS."

Agot Isidro ridicules Revilla’s legislative agenda: ‘Dedma lang talaga sa mga mahihirap’

December 15, 2018
Agot Isidro and Bong Revilla / Composite photos from Instagram and Philippine Star
Filipina Actress Agot Isidro takes a swipe at Senatorial Candidate Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. to likely go after “false accusers” as one of his legislative agendas, should he win, such as the ones liable behind his alleged involvement to the controversial Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

On Friday’s twitter post, the actress pointed out saying, “Yan talaga ang agenda mo? Dedma lang talaga sa mga naghihirap.  Ok, copy po. Bye”, referring to GMA News’ (@gmanews) headline tweet that read, "Bong Revilla should he win as Senator in 2019: I have legislative agenda against my false accusers. Dapat may pang-counter." by ‘Kapuso’ reporter Cedric Castillo (@cedric_castillo)

The former Senator has been one of the most discussed personalities in the past weeks since his acquittal over plunder charges in a decision promulgated by Sandiganbayan First Division.

This, while Revilla’s staff Richard Cambe along with businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles remains convicted.

The 52 – year old celebrity – turned - politician also refused to repay the government with civil liabilities amounting to P124.5 Million, pursuant to Article 100 of the Revised Penal Code.
Agot Isidro / Photo from PeP
Although the 186 – page decision never indicated who among the accused were to pay, Revilla’s lawyers justified that their client is NOT liable since plunder charges were dropped, in the first place.

Revilla, in a press conference held at the office of his legal consultant, Estelito Mendoza, issued a similar opinion.

“Ano ang isosoli ko? Wala naman akong kasalanan, nagsalita na ang korte na wala akong kasalanan,” Revilla said.

Mendoza to his defense, implied that Revilla’s charges were prompted by ‘dirty politics’.

“I believe Revilla is innocent. The Ombudsman, under Conchita Carpio Morales, para bang trigger-happy mag-file ng plunder dahil no bail, bilanggo kaagad,” Mendoza said.

Revilla, who was locked up for over 4 years inside the Philippine National Police Custodial Center in Camp Crame, Quezon City, is now preoccupied for his Political Campaign since his acquittal.
Bong Revilla / Photo from PeP
Ethel Booba To Revilla’s Senatorial Candidacy: ‘Kuha po kayo ng NBI clearance’

Agot Isidro was not the only celebrity who had something to say about Revilla. Previously, Ethel Booba also jested when Revilla filed his certificate of candidacy for senator despite being detained at the time. His wife, Lani Mercado, and son Jolo filed his COC for him.

Citing a news post about Revilla’s COC filing, Ethel quipped: “Kuha po kayo ng NBI Clearance sa counter 6 (Get the NBI clearance at counter 6). Charot!”

Ethel’s post prompted inquiries from netizens why there wasn’t such a requirement for political candidates when such clearances are needed to apply for a job.

A netizen by the name of Isay Arzubal (@Corridoio_Verde) on twitter was among those who thought the lack of qualifications for candidates was simply unjust.

“unfair db?! Silang me mga kaso pede mag apply ng trabaho pero tayong ordinary pinoy ang dami kailangan!!!! Partida naka kulong pa yan!”, the tweet read


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New Bill Requires Every New – Born Child’s Parents To Plant Trees

December 15, 2018
Composite photos from and Parents Magazine
"Deforestation has been identified as one of the causes of flash floods associated with climate change and global warming, which has become a global concern, as more countries are beginning to experience climate change and its negative effects. 

In the past three years, typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng, Pedring, and Sendong resulted to wide spread flash floods due to our denuded forest and water reservoirs.

Flash floods claimed thousand of lives, left numerous families devastated, and sent small and medium scale businesses in the affected areas reeling in the ground” – former Parañaque 1st District Representative Hon. Edwin Olivarez on filing House Bill 6087 known as the "Family Tree Planting Act of 2012,"

House Bill No. 8727 known as “An Act Requiring Parents to plant two trees for every child born to them, and for other purposes” is finally getting closer to becoming a law.
Photo from Manila Bulletin
The said bill was approved on 2nd reading during a plenary session held Wednesday, December 12, 2018 and is scheduled for approval of the 3rd reading as House sessions resumes next year.

The House Bill 8727 provides that the planting of trees will be a mandatory requirement that parents must comply in order to secure the release of the birth certificate of a child born, was authored by Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) Tarlac Representative Noel Villanueva and Partido Demokratiko Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan (PDP – Laban) Compostela Valley Representative Carmen Zamora.

Villanueva, who also chairs the House Special Committee on Reforestation said the bill is particularly aimed at making certain the protection and preservation of the natural environment and progressing the people’s right to a balanced and health ecology.

Under the bill, every couple residing in the Philippines, whether legally married or not shall be required to plant one seedling for every child born to them.
Photo from
The seedling shall be planted within the premises of their own home or in an area to be designated by the barangay council where they reside.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is tasked to APPROVE the identified sites for planting or in the areas to be designated by the Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) or Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENTRO) where the child’s parents reside.

The House Bill also provides that planted species should be suitable for the location, climate and surface features of the land area.

The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office of the DENR and the Department of Agriculture is also directed by the bill to maintain a seeding bank that should serve as a supply bunker of the seedlings needed to be provided to the child’s parents.

“Strict” compliance to the provision of the measure will be certified by the city or municipal local civil registry where the child’s birthplace will be registered, according to Villanueva.

Meanwhile, the issuance of an affidavit of compliance which is a pre – requisite to the civil registrar’s office shall be attested by the “punong barangay” of the community where the child’s parents reside.


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Source: Manila Bulletin