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Sobrang pagkain ng hotdog ng mga bata, maaaring magdulot ng kanser sa dugo't tiyan

December 12, 2018
Isang pagsusuri ang ibinahagi kung saang pinapakita nito ang posibleng magdulot ng kanser sa dugo at tiyan ng mga bata ang sobrang pag kain ng paborito nilang Hotdogs.

Karaniwan sa mga kabataan ang kinahihiligang kumain ng hotdog at iba pa lalo sa almusal dahil bukod sa madali lamang itong lutuin, swak na swak din ito sa budget ng mga mommies lalo pag pangmaramihan ang bili.

Subalit, batay sa masusing pananaliksik, ang mga Hotdogs umano ay may nilalamang Sodium Nitrite na kung tawagin at napag - alamang nagdudulot ng peligro sa kalusugan nang dahil sa labis na pag -  konsumo nito.

Ang mga ‘Nitrites’ ay nahahalo sa mga Amines na karaniwang nakikita sa tiyan na bumubuo ng Carcinogen na nakakasama sa katawan, ayon sa The New York Times.
Photo from pinterest
Ang Nitrosamine ay ang pinakamatinding uri ng Carcinogen.                   

Nagdulot naman ng Cancer ang Nitrosamines na pinasbuok ni Dr. William Lijinsky, dating Director ng Research and Development Center for Cancer, sa mga hayop batay sa naging resulta ng pagsusuri nito.

Inimungkahi naman na ang mataas na bilang ng mga batang nagkakaroon ng Leukemia sa Los Angeles, California ay dahil narin sa Nitrosamines, ayon sa isa pang pananaliksik ng University of Southern California School of Medicine.

Bagama’t wala pa umanong sapat na research findings, sang – ayon naman ang mga eksperto na may malaking kinalaman ang Nitrosamines sa pagdulot ng Cancer cells.

Hindi pa rin nakukwenta sa kasalukuyang agham kung gaano karaming Nitrosamines ang masasabing safe kaya’t ang pinakamainam ay maging marahan lamang pag – konsumo ng mga pagkaing mga “instant”.
Photo from Flickr

Ang mga taong kinagiliwang kumain ng processed o preserved foods, partikular na ang tocino, bacon, ham at longganisa ay tatlong beses na mas mataas ang banta sa pagkakaroon ng Cancer, ayon sa isinagawang pag – aaral ng World Cancer Research Fund.

Sa bansang United Kingdom (UK), tinatayang umaabot sa 7,000 ka – tao ang nakitaang may Stomach Cancer, isang uri ng Cancer na mula sa Atay o Liver at Colon dulot ng mga ‘Carcinogenic Properties’ na meron sa mga processed o frozen foods. Kasabay nito ang pagiging ‘obese’ ng isang tao o sobra sa timbang.

Batay sa Cancer Research UK, sa pangkalahatan ay iniisip ng mga doktor na ang pasyente ay nasa mabuti pang kalagayan kung siya ay umabot pa nang dalawang taong buhay matapos ma-diagnosed na mayroong Advanced Stomach Cancer.

Ang mga natuklasan ng mga eksperto mula sa World Cancer Research Fund ay ‘groundbreaking’ at ipinakikita na may panganib ng pagkakaroon ng Stomach Cancer dulot ng pagkain ng processed foods kasabay ng malakas na pag-inom ng alak.

Ito ay makatutulong sa publiko upang higit na maunawaan kung ano ang maaaring makaimpluwensiya sa panganib na hatid ng Stomach Cancer na napakahalagang kontribusyon sa pag-iwas sa Cancer.


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Mindanaoan on Martial Law: Kaming mga taga-Mindanao suportado, kayong mga taga-Luzon puro drama

December 12, 2018
Photo from Google
One good thing about Filipinos is that despite the trouble hounding our country, we still find humor in it. A netizen living in Mindanao, posted a funny tweet about the Martial Law in their region. Thinking Pinoy dubbed it as the Tweet of the Year.

Twitterverse’ Tweet Of The Year

Amid the debate going on between the opposition senators (Franklin “the sleeping giant” Drilon and the AFP regarding the proposed extension of the Martial Law in Mindanao, a netizen sent out a tweet that should somehow put to rest the ongoing fuss about the issue.

RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy called it the Tweet of the Year. It is straight, brutally frank, and downright funny. It was sent by netizen Cheeny Kee on Twitter.

“Kaming taga-Mindanao, suportado ang Martial Law. 
Kayong taga-Luzon adami nyong drama, mas apektado pa kayo.
Baliktarin kaya natin?

Lipat namin sa inyo AbuSayaff, MILF, BIFF, MNLF, ISIS, MAUTE, NPA, atbp.
Tapos kami magrarally lang kunwari we care…?”

Funny And True

The tweet may seem like a joke, but it carries a lot of truth in it. The so-called concerned politicians here in Manila seem to be pre-occupied by the debate that they never even thought of asking the opinions of the people who will be directly affected by the issue, the Mindanaoans.

The opposition are doing everything just to prevent the extension of the Martial Law. Not because they care for the people of Mindanao, they are doing so just for the sake of opposing, just for them to taste a moral victory against the Duterte administration.

Not Luzon, Yellows Only

The netizens reacted to the tweet by defending themselves, they said that many people here in Luzon approve of the extension of ML in Mindanao, it is only the yellows that are against it. A netizen even said that we should understand the plight of the poor yellows, their minds are already affected with jaundice.

Source: Thinking Pinoy

“We appeal to our kababayans not to give alms to children and families on the streets” — DSWD

December 12, 2018
Photo from The Philippine Star
To curb the already habitual behavior, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) on Tuesday, cautions the public to refrain from giving alms to street beggars, saying that there are other beneficial ways to extend a helping hand this season of giving.

DSWD Spokesperson and Assistant Secretary Glenda Relova, in a statement, said, “We appeal to our kababayans especially here in Metro Manila not to give alms to children and families on the streets, as this will perpetuate their beliefs that it is OK to ask for alms and that it is a good way to earn.”

Relova maintained that the agency had since been monitoring the increase in numbers of street dwellers during the yuletide season as many naïve people becomes susceptible in giving out ‘loose change’, thinking that it is simply a ‘generous act’.

“Starting October, we usually see our fellow citizens who are Aetas and Sama-Bajaus go to Metro Manila to ask for alms, as it is a means of livelihood for them,” the agency official said.
Photo from
“If quick cash won’t be accessible to them, they will not pursue this practice anymore,” Relova added.

The agency urged the public to engage in their official initiative to help the homeless through its #HelptheHomelessPH advocacy campaign instead of simply giving alms.

Relova said anyone who’s interested may organize gift – giving events or facilitate a simple reach – out activity, among others, especially medical missions and feeding programs.

“What we also encourage is for the public to help us in developing programs for street dwellers and to give to our centers, non-government organizations and other charitable institutions that provide comprehensive services for street children and families,” Relova said, adding that more than a handful of indigenous peoples from their respective regions venturing the big city to simply ‘beg’ are also being supported through their ‘Balik – Probinsya Program.’

“The Silungan sa Barangay project will be pilot-tested in cities and municipalities here in Metro Manila. Under this project, the DSWD aims to have processing centers for street dwellers in the LGUs or a temporary home or ‘silungan’,” Relova added.
Photo from

"Mendicant" refers to any person, who has no visible and legal means of support, or lawful employment and who is physically able to work but neglects to apply himself to some lawful calling and instead uses begging as a means of living.

As such, a “Habitual Mendicant” refers to one who has been convicted of mendicancy.

While the fear of being mugged while fumbling for money to beggars is often times the case, not so many Pinoys are aware that there is an existing Law that ‘prohibits’ individuals to give ‘alms’ to street dwellers.

Known as the Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1563, the Mendicancy Law of 1978  or the Anti – Mendicancy Law was signed by the late President Ferdinand Marcos which states that that giving alms to the needy people who take to the streets to ask for alms is not the right way to help them, but instead, it would only lead to the ballooning of the number of beggars along major streets in the country.

It goes to say, according to the law, that giving alms would only make beggars think that they don’t need to find a decent job anymore to earn money for a living as they could easily make money by asking people for it through begging in the streets.
Aside from its goal to control and eradicate mendicancy, it also promotes social justice and protection of life, property, and dignity of the citizens of the Philippines.

Aggressive beggars and con artists deliberately dressing down for sympathy are a scourge on our streets and sap sympathy for the others. However, isn’t it better to be ripped-off occasionally by a professional institution, than fail to help a needy person?

Giving to charity, rather than individuals, helps more than one person, and charities can tackle complex and interrelated problems such as mental illness and illegal drug abuse.


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US envoy: FVR, Erap, GMA, PNoy,also sought Balangiga bells return, but it was Duterte who appealed 'passionately'

December 12, 2018

Former presidents (L-R) Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Arroyo and Noynoy Aquino / Photos compiled from Google

Strong political will, that is one leader trait Rodrigo Roa Duterte has a lot as compared to the four previous presidents before him, namely Fidel V.Ramos,  Jospeh Ejercito Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

Yesterday will forever etch in the annals of the PH-US alliance; it has closed a dark and painful chapter in their respective history.

Closure of a painful chapter

After 117 years the historic Balangiga bells are home, the cries of the Filipino freedom fighters from long time ago have been heard and now can rest in peace.

The living symbol of the worst American defeat during the Philippine-American war has returned to their homeland.

Ambassador Sung Kim said that the two nations gave a closure to a painful chapter in their history with the return of the Balangiga bells, and he hopes that the current ironclad relation between both countries will be made stronger.

“The return of the Bells of Balangiga lets us reflect on the US-Philippine relationship — where we have been, where we are, where we are going,” Ambassador Kim said 
during the arrival ceremony of the bells at the Philippine Air Force - Villamor Air Base in Pasay City.

The US Ambassador said the bells repatriation demonstrates Washington’s determination to honor the past and the sacrifices made together by Filipinos and Americans.

'Loud and clear'

“And it heralds our bright future as friends, partners, and allies,” the US Ambassador stressed.
He also noted that former President Fidel V. Ramos was the first one to raise the issue of returning the bells back to the Philippines with them Democrat US President Bill Clinton in 1993.*

Ambassador Kim added “virtually every Philippine president” has pressed for the bells’ return.

It was during the second State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Duterte that a passionate appeal was made for the bells’ return, the US Ambassador said he was there and “heard his passionate call loud and clear.”

Duterte as the Philippine president followed up with a personal appeal to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who recognized that the US returning the bells is “the right thing to do.”

Prior to its arrival to the country, it made its final stop in Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. It was there after a long time the three bells are reunited, two of the bells came from Wyoming in the US while the smallest bell was kept in an American military base in South Korea.

The chief executive has made his intention known that he will personally see the delivery of the bells back to the San Lorenzo de Martir Church in Eastern Samar on December 15.

Philippine Air Force personnel slowly lifts one of three Balangiga Bells from its crate after the bells' arrival at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan on Tuesday / photo from GMA News

Source: Politiko

UP alumna on Ressa’s TIME award: I’m so disgusted with the way media’s choosing people to celebrate

December 12, 2018
Maia Villapane and Maria Ressa, photo compiled from Facebook and Panay News
From fake news to biased reporting, the state of journalism in the Philippines seem to hit it’s rock bottom. While there are journalists who stayed true to their advocacy of fair journalism, the media in our country seem to be corrupted to the bones, and anyone can see it from the way they report their stories.


Netizen Maia Villapane, a UP alumna from Mindanao, took to Facebook and expressed her abhorrence on how the media are glorifying the wrong people. Villapane argued that Maria Ressa was a person not worthy of the adulation that media has bestowed her.
Maia Villapane, photo from her Facebook account
Rappler concocted fake news when they said that the ISIS were the ones responsible for the Resorts World incident when in fact it was just a desperate gambler losing his wits. Villapane also bared that Rappler demanded 150,000 pesos from a Filipina who won an international fashion design award in exchange for writing her story.

Blind Eye

Villapane then turned her ire on the journalists who stayed silent on the issues that matter most. When the Lumads protested against the CPP-NPA, these so-called journalists decided to interview Satur Ocampo and the other leftists, instead of getting the view of our indigenous people.

When Glenn Chong’s bodyguard was ambushed a few days ago, very few media even covered the story. Glenn Chong was an advocate of election reform and exposed the cheating in the 2016 vice presidential elections. Yet sadly, the journalists were silent about this.

Noisy As H3ll

On the other hand, when it comes to  Leni Robredo, even her most senseless talks were being reported by media. When Trillanes, Alejano, and De Lima spews their tirades against the government, it’s all over the news.

One can’t help but wonder, is the media on the payroll of these politicians? And as Villapane says, the journalism in the country has sunk so low, that the people trust the social media bloggers more.

Read full post below:

I'm so disgusted with the way media's picking and choosing people to celebrate. Maria Ressa caused panic when she reported that the Resort's World fiasco was an ISIS plot when it was just some desperate man who had a gambling problem. Did she apologize for it? No.

Rappler has had a history of concocting fake stories to sell and even has tried to extort money from an NY-based Filipina who only asked if her story about winning an international fashion design award could be published as it was a highly-coveted prize. They asked her to fork over 150,000 pesos which might be loose change to the Opposition, but it certainly isn't loose change to someone who brought pride to the country for winning that competition.

And Rappler gets away scot-free while I was told off for posting a speculation of my own on my wall as a joke about the Resorts World incident? (Remember doing this to me, Lester?)

This is what happens when you don't hold your journalists to a higher standard and you let them become gods in their domain. Akala ninyo wala silang sala? Look at all the things that happened where they were silent.

Atty. Glenn Chong, who has done more work than these journos to expose the electoral fraud in our country, just lost his aide to an ambush. What do the journos do? They keep mum about it.

Recently, the Lumads went to protest against the NPA and CPP but what did these journos do? Continue to report the side of Satur Ocampo, France Castro, and Sarah Elago, all kmown radical Leftists. Did they interview our indigenous brothers and sisters and report their views?

And all the fucking time, they report on the useless chatter coming from Leni Robredo's mouth. Are they fucking hoping she'll one day say something intelligent? Or are they doing it because she's paying them?

All the fucking time they report on the most inane bullshit spewed by the trifecta of Trillanes, Alejano, and De Lima. All the fucking time, they report on the politicizing of the Philippine Catholic Church but are mum on the sexual abuses and adultery committed by its priests. A priest was able to post bail even when he had been caught in a motel with a 13-year-old. Yung bugaw pa na menor de edad din ang mas pinarusahan ha.

I cannot believe the lows to which our journalists have sunk. And then they wonder why people turn to social media bloggers.

Source: Maia Villapañe

What do Maria Ressa, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin et al do have in common? Here’s what TP has to say

December 12, 2018
Maria Ressa, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, photo compiled from Google
Thinking Pinoy blogger RJ Nieto shared a post telling those people who were shocked that Maria Ressa was chosen as one of the journalists hailed as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year not to be aghast. Basing on the past awardees of Time, she’s in good company and we should not be complaining.

TIME’s Person Of The Year

In his Facebook page, TP’s Nieto revealed that TIME has chosen Maria Ressa as one of the four journalists cited by the magazine for their contributions as a journalist in a hostile world. They are dubbed as the “Guardians.”

Nieto bared that based on the past awardees of TIME’s person of the year, Maria Ressa surely deserve to be there. If we revisit the past winners of TIMES yearly citation, there is a history of some interesting choices.

Adolf Hitler- 1938

Adolf Hitler, photo from Medium
Dubbed as the most powerful and notorious dictator of the 20th century. He started the World War II, and was responsible for the massacre of more than 6 million Jews, along with the victims of the holocaust.

Joseph Stalin - 1939, 1942

Joseph Stalin, photo from The Times
The political repression that caused the de4th of millions of Russians was mainly due to the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. Those critical of his regime were sent to labor camps, where most of them d1ed.

Richard Nixon - 1971, 1972

Richard Nixon, photo from
Who would forget the infamous Watergate scandal? In an attempt to solidify his re election bid, Nixon and his Republicans burglarized the headquarters of the Democrats, and when things got sour and he was in danger of being impeached, he was forced to resign.

Ruholla Ayatollah Khomenei - 1979

Ruholla Ayatollah Khomenei, photo from Wikipedia
He was the founder of Iran, and the one who called for Islamic revolutions in the middle east, causing the Iraq- Iran War, an 8 year armed struggle that wasted the lives of more or less a million Iranians.

Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa, photo from PBS
A pseudo-journalist, who falsely claimed to the western world that she is the only remaining hope of Philippine journalism, and that the Duterte government harassed her for being critical of them. This is despite the fact that public records show that she clealy violated the tax evasion law.

Read full post below:


Maria Ressa is TIME's Person of the Year?

No complaints from Thinking Pinoy's end and let me tell you why.

Several of my friends were shocked at how Maria Ressa could have possibly been chosen as TIME Magazine's person of the year for 2018, but I told them that they shouldn't be, especially if we revisit some of the TIME's more interesting choices in the past.

Let me list down some of them, along with the year/s in which they were chosen as Person of the Year.

1. Adolf Hitler (1938), the leader of the Nazi Party, started World War II in Europe when he invaded Poland and was a central figure in the perpetration of the Holocaust, a genocide that killed 17 million human beings, 6 million of whom are European Jews.

2. Joseph Stalin (1939, 1942), the leader of the Soviet Communist Party, orchestrated Great Purge of the late 1930s, a widespread campaign political repression in the Soviet Union that resulted in the deaths of over a million people. During Stalin's rule of the country over 20 million people were sent to labor camps, where nearly half of them died.

3. Richard Nixon (1971, 1972), President of the United States, was the central figure in the infamous Watergate Scandal. Up for re-election, Nixon and his Republican administration attempted to cover up the burglary into rival Democratic National Committee Headquarters, with investigations showing that the coverup was financed by Nixon's own re-election slush fund. Under threat of impeachment, Nixon resigned from office.

4. Ruhollah Khomenei (1979), more popularly known in the Philippines as Ayatollah Khomeini, was the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Shortly after assuming power in 1979, he began calling for Islamic revolutions across the Muslim world, including Iran's Arab neighbor Iraq, helping catalyze the Iran-Iraq War that resulted in loss of anywhere between 450,000 and 950,000 Iranians.

5. Maria Ressa (2018), an American snowflake, for falsely claiming in Western media that Philippine courts indicted her for criticizing the Duterte Government, despite public records showing her indictment was for tax evasion cases.

So there you go.

Again, Ressa is Time's Person of the Year? No complaints from Thinking Pinoy's end.

ERRATUM: The photo labels the 2018 "awardee" as a "snowflake", which in hindsight is quite inaccurate. It should have been "snowflake, a couple of days after it was run over by one of the New York City government's merciless snowplows."



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Source: Thinking Pinoy

Drilon, opposition senators voted "no" on Mindanao Martial Law extension says unconstitutional and no basis

December 12, 2018
Franklin Drilon |  Francis Pangilinan | Risa Hontiveros | Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV | Photo from GMA
Opposition senator and Minority Floor Leader Franklin Drilon has disagreed on the another year extension of martial law in Mindanao, noting that military rule should only be intended to quell continuing actual rebellion and uprising.

Not in favor to extension

Drilon has stressed this remarks during the joint session of the Senate and the Congress to tackle the request of President Rodrigo Duterte to further extend martial law for another year.

“There was never a citation there that there was an actual uprising. There is no factual basis for martial law as defined by the Supreme Court,” he said in a statement.

The senator also pointed out that the extension of the martial law in the southern region in unconstitutional and has no factual basis for extension.

“The proposed second extension of martial law is unconstitutional…There is no basis for a second extension of martial law as there was no ground that necessitated the first extension,” he said.

Sen.  Franklin Drilon | Photo from Philstar

“I may sound like a broken record but for the nth time, I would repeat: there is no actual rebellion. Rebellion no longer persists in Mindanao,” the senator stressed.

The opposition lawmaker said that the government troops AFP and PNP can very well exercise their powers under the law without placing the region under martial law.

Request granted

President Duterte's request for extension of  has been granted as the Senate and House of Representatives, in a joint session, voted 235-28-1, in favor of Duterte’s request to extend the military rule in Mindanao which will end on December 31, 2019.

Twelve senators voted in favor of the extension, while five voted against it, and one abstained.

Mindanaoans on a Martial Situation | Photo from Eagle news

Those who favored and voted yes in the Senate are Senate President Vicente Sotto III, Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Senators Gregorio Honasan II. Panfilo Lacson, Richard Gordon, Cynthia Villar, Grace Poe, Koko Pimentel, JV Ejercito, Sonny Angara, Sherwin Gatchalian, and Manny Pacquiao Pacquiao.

While opposition senators voted no are Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, Franklin Drilon, Francis Escudero, Risa Hontiveros, and Francis Pangilinan; while Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto abstained.

Duterte has declared martial law in Mindanao following the breakout of Marawi siege in May 2017.


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Source: GMA, Rappler

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

UP alumnus launches expletives against Catholic Church: "Wake up. 500 years na tayong niloloko nitong Simbahan."

December 11, 2018
University of the Philippines (UP) graduate Raffy Gutierrez was raised a Catholic. He said that he spent 14 years at Xavier School in Greenhills, and that he is a certified Jesuit-bred Catholic.
The Catholic Church / Photo from Manila Times

But amidst his history with the Catholic Church, he feels as if there are some of its aspects that he completely disagrees with not does not accept.

He listed all of these down in a lengthy Facebook post he made recently.

Horrors of the past still continues today

Gutierrez accepts that that there are some very questionable things that happened within the past of the church, however, he says that a lot of these things still continues on in today’s time and that is what really bothers him.
Raffy Gutierrez / Photo from his Facebook account

One of the things that he mentioned in his post is the raping of children that some members of the church have ben reportedly doing for years. Gutierrez feels disgusted about this.

He says that these priests and clergy members are the ones who say that they are the people worth emulating when it comes to following the word of God and being a model follower of Christ. But then, they themselves commit these crimes and put these children in danger.

Blind followers

Another thing that Gutierrez mentioned is how the people have been following the church blindly. He says that the Filipinos have been rained to follow their church leaders without thinking. “sheep and herd mentality”, he calls it.

He feels like they have succumbed to following no matter what the position of the church is and even if it gets questionable.

Unable to develop

Another big thing that Gutierrez mentioned is how the Church has been blocking some national policies that are supposedly good for the Philippines and the Filipinos.

He accuses the church of joining in the EDSA revolution of 1986, causing the downfall of dictator Ferdinand Marcos. He says that Marcos should have taken the opportunity to kill those people out on the streets.

He also mentioned the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 the church actively campaigned against. Gutierrez blames this on why the country is highly overpopulated.

Read his full post here:

"Bakit Ako Galit sa Simbahang Katoliko at Ilang Sekta ng Kristiyanismo By Raffy Gutierrez (please share. Warning, lots of expletives.)

Just for the record, lumaki at educated ako ng Catholic School. 14 years akong nag-aral sa Xavier School sa Greenhills kaya puwede akong tawagin na thoroughbred Jesuit trained. Malalim ang pinagsamahan ko sa Catholic Religion. Nasa dugo't hininga ko ang relihyon na ito. At kahit na harap-harapan ko ng binibira at binabanatan ang Catholic Church, may ibang aspeto ito na never mawawalay sa aking pag-iisip.

Pero bakit umabot ng ganito ang galit ko sa relihyong kinalakihan ko? Kasi kung talagang sisiyasatin natin ng lubusan at magiging tapat tayo sa ating kasaysayan, ang isang tanging dahilan bakit hindi nag unite ang mga Filipinos ay dahil diyan sa demonyong Simbahan. Kung binasa natin ang mga libro ni Rizal mas klaro pa sa sikat ng araw kung gaano tayo winalanghiya niyang Catholic Church. Okay na sa akin sana kung itong kademonyohan ng Simbahan is just a matter of the past. Pero hindi eh, hanggang sa present times paki alamero ang mga putang ina.

Look at EDSA 86. Sino yung demonyong nanawagan para mag martsa ang mga bobo sa EDSA? Diba yung ironic and iconic na Cardinal Sin? Yung "faithful" (sa pagkawalang disiplina, pagkawalang malasakit, pagka fake na mga Kristiyano) nag Martsa sa EDSA para i-oust si Strongman Marcos. Ang mabait na Marcos sinayang yung opportunity na patayin lahat ng mga stupid noong araw na yon. Tinanong ni Gen Ver kung mag open fire na ang AFP sa mga civilians, sabi ni Marcos, "Do not shoot the civilians."
The late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal L. Sin (Photo courtesy of CBCP)

Fast forward 32 years after EDSA 86 ang Simbahan wala ng inatupag kung hindi lalo pang pagwatak watakin ang mga Pilipino. They are the root cause of our dissent and factions. Sila yung pasimuno sa pagsira ng mga plano ng gobyerno para umangat ang ating bayan. Tingnan ninyo nung panahon ni Panot diba hinarangan ang pag pasa ng Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 dahil daw against ito sa turo ng Simbahan? Mga putang ina. Eh di Simbahan din ang chief cause ng overpopulation ng Pilipinas dahil gusto nila mag anak ng mag anak kahit mismong mga magulang wala ng panlamon di po ba? Malaking kabobohan.

At kung anu-ano pang mga kabobohan na dapat daw sundin ng Pilipino pero simpleng pag park ng tama sa labas ng Simbahan hindi tumatatak sa matitigas na ulo ng mga bobong Pilipino.

Tapos itong mga nakaraang buwan kaliwa't kanan ang balita ng mga sex scandals ng Catholic Church sa mga bata. Punyeta naman, sa lahat pa ng bagay, pag rape ng mga musmos na wala pang kamuang muang sa mundo? And we revere these pedophile mother fuckers? My goodness. Kahit hindi lahat ng pari manyakis at rapist pero naman. Heto yung institution na gusto maging moral guide ng bayan natin? My God! Seriously?

Wala na. Tapos na ang role ng Simbahang Katoliko sa ating bayan. Ang inaatupag na lang niyan ay siraan ang ating mahal na Pangulo para lalo tayong magkawatak watak. Mas pabor sa kanila yan kasi ayaw ng mga pari na magkaroon ng unity ang mga Pilipino. Kasi pag nag unite tayo, tuluyan ng mawawala ang power nila sa ating society. How stupid diba? Sila daw ang moral guide at compass ng bayan natin pero sila ang numero uno taga cause ng gulo at paninira? Mismong mga misa nila may mga pari na harap harapang sinisiraan si Duterte o nag promote ng kandidato nila. At shit, pinaka malaking shareholder ng BPI stocks ang Catholic Church diba?

Kung may utak lang ang karamihan dapat i-boycott na ng lubusan yang Simbahan at pabayaan ng mamatay a natural death. Kung wala ng mag simba every Sunday at mag paloko sa mga Sakramento nitong mga demonyong paring ito eh di kusa na lang yan mawawala na parang bula.

Kasi kung talagang gusto ng Catholic Church manatili being relevant dapat gawin nila ang lahat ng paraan magkaisa na tayo for once at itigil na nila yung panlolokong nagsimula 500 years ago. Dapat unity ang maging pakay nila at hindi disunity. Pero alam naman natin na ang mga etits ng top officials ng Catholic Church hawak ng mga pinaka makahapangyarihang Oligarchs ng Pilipinas. Yan naman ang katotohanan diba? Kahit panahon pa ni Rizal ganyan na ang nangyayari.

At hindi lang Catholic Church ang dapat mabura sa mapa ng Pilipinas. Yung sekta ng Kristiyanismo na mga burn against dapat magkaroon din ng pagbabago. Ang daming burn against mga hipokritong putang ina na sila mismo nag aaway away sa walang katuturang bible verse na parang end of the world pag magkaiba ng interpretation. Parang stupid. Nag aaway dahil iba yung interpretation ng ilang linya sa Bible. Yan ba ang tinuro ni Kristo?

Yang relihyon ng Kristiyanismo ang dahilan bakit naging tupa mag isip ang 99% sa atin. Sheep and herd mentality. Imbis na mag isip kung papaano ayusin ang buhay inaasa na lang sa Diyos lahat kahit mga bagay na kaya namang ayusin ng sarili. Itong walang logic at common sense na ang Diyos dapat inspiration lamang at hindi ang tagagawa ng mga bagay na dapat baguhin ang isang dahilan kung bakit nagka leche leche itong bayan natin. Baka umaasa tayo na ang Diyos ay bababa pa galing sa langit para ipakita sa atin kung papaano maging disiplinado. Tang ina yan.

Kaya talaga para sa akin wala ng punto yang Simbahan at mga sekto ng Kristiyanismo na puro pakitang tao lang. Magaling sa Bible, simba ng simba pero demonyo naman sa katotohanan. Walang point. Useless. Dead faith. Boycott useless religion.

Wake up, people. 500 years na tayong niloloko nitong Simbahan."