Saturday, March 17, 2018

Local Engineer exposes the modus operandi of some LTO officials

LTO logo, photo from Carmudi Philippines
Engineer James Balagtas posted the modus operandi of the Land and Transport Office (LTO) Bulacan when “asking” for kotong after a renewal applicant fails an exam.

The said engineer needed the renewal of his expired driver’s license but expecting it to be a fast and easy process was nothing more than a day dream, for the LTO asked him to retake the exam.

This really surprised Balagtas but his confidence on his driving served him well enough to think that he could ace this exam. But to his demise, that wasn’t the case. He failed, getting only 34 out of 60 items correct. Balagtas demanded for a recheck and the test paper checking machine. He was initially denied, but eventually the LTO manually rechecked his paper.

The result was 46 out of 60 items correct. The recheck technically marks him as passed which leads to Balagtas, suspecting the employees of LTO Bulacan to be corrupt on the grounds that the automated checking was rigged in order to force those who failed the exam to pay kotong out of desperation.