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Prominent Businessman Jack Ma: If You’re Still Poor At 35, You Deserve It!

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Jack Ma, the founder of shares his insight on why people are still financially incapable by 35 years old for they lack ambition and aren’t trying hard enough.

“You are poor because you have no ambition” -Jack Ma

Years before Alibaba was founded, Jack Ma once invited 24 people to his home in order to discuss a business opportunity. And after two hours, 23 out of 24 people gave up on the his idea, and that one person that was left said that,

“If you want to do it, just try it. If things don’t work out the way you expected it to, you can always revert back to what you were doing before”.

Unsupported as he was by friends and family, Jack Ma pushed through with his idea. He realized that the what drove him to actually start Alibaba was the fact that,

“No matter what one does, regardless of failure or success, the experience is a form of success in itself.”

People lose opportunities due to their pessimism, opportunity undermining, lack of understanding, and indecisiveness.

But for everything that it’s worth, ambition is the most important driving factor to success. With optimism comes ambition which leads to dreaming of a better future, setting of magnificent life goals and the realization that one’s future is only limited by his or her own ambition.

In another story, Juliet Wu Shihong was one of China’s first-generation professional managers who started from the bottom and ended up on top by self-education and on-the-job learning. She is China’s epitome of success that new business executives look up to.

Wu started as a cleaner and a servant of tea but there was this one moment where she forgot her company ID as she left the building. Upon return, she was denied entrance due to the lack of identification. Ashamed at how low she’s being looked upon, she vowed never have her dignity stripped away from her again.

And she did just that, she enriched herself by exploiting every opportunity by arriving first and leaving last. This gave her extra time to learn as much about her work environment as she could. And eventually it payed off, she eventually became a sales representative then quickly became a regional general manager of a multinational Chinese company. Wu was nicknamed the “Queen of Part-timers”, yet became the GM of IBM China. A true hero of China’s business men and women.

Don’t ask why you are poor now, ask how you became poor. The lack thereof desire for success, foresight, bravery, courage and determination, perfectionism and defiance against all odds, made you poor, you were too afraid to get out of your comfort zone to the point that you made it your ambition limiter.

Being poor is not a reason to give up for no one will pity you, no one will pay for you, no one will care if get beaten up, everyone will abandon you and if find yourself worthless by 35 then you just wasted your youth. You have to make a stand through all the hurdles and challenges that life poses and jump at the cliff of uncertainty in order to find clarity. For only you can get yourself out of the rut that you call your safe place.

Play it safe in life and you’ll never achieve anything worthwhile. Living out your youth is the way. Take risks and learn.