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Sapul na sapul: Maria Ozawa’s reply leaves Jim Paredes speechless

Maria Ozawa and Jim Paredes, photo compiled from Google
It didn’t take a lengthy reply post or a tirade on Instagram to shut the former Apo Hiking Society singer Jim Paredes from being malicious towards the infamous Maria Ozawa.

A known critic of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Paredes uncautiously commented on an Instagram image of Maria Ozawa posing infront of a Congressman’s car as she attended Agawan Festival of Sariaya, Quezon Province.

The Paredes’ comment goes as,

“Which Congressman’s car is that?”
Credits to photo owner
Hinting that he may use this information to against the govenment but Maria Ozawa kept things simple and left him with a harmless reply,

“@jimparedes Sir Alcala do you know him?”
After that simple reply, Paredes vanished into thin air when his reply was most certainly needed.

Mark Lopez and Krizette Laureta Chu, two famous Facebook entities didn’t let it pass, that exchange was embarrassing for former Apo Hiking Society singer since Congressman Vicente Alcala of Quezon province and Paredes are both of the Liberal Party.

Lopez wrote,


While browsing Instagram, spotted Maria Ozawa post...

Noticed that Jim Paredes and I are both fans of MO

Tapos saw Jim’s comment re the SUV which served as the backdrop of MO’s model pose...

Jim: “Which congressman’s car is that?”
Maria: @jimparedes Sir Alcala do you know him?”
Jim: *cricket sound

PS- The incumbent congressman of Quezon Province (2nd District) is Vicente Alcala, brother of controversial Secretary of Agriculture, and Liberal Party stalwart Proceso Alcala...”
Meanwhile Chu wrote,

“LOL. Jim Paredes is suddenly rendered speechless. Nagtatanong pa kasi, eh yung mahilig lang naman sa gaudy display of wealth ang mga Congressmen na kaalyado ninyo ano.”

Funny how Jim Paredes indirectly brought malice to his own political party. Perhaps it is best that he watches what he writes before committing to it for it might be his last.