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10 Reasons why commuting in Manila is worst

Commuters hop on a public bus in Manila. Image credit to Asian Development Blog - Asian Development Bank
What's new with Metro Manila traffic? To work and from work, usual scenario happens Monday until Friday. What can the Duterte Administration do to resolve this particular issue in the Philippines.

In Metro Manila the stress already starts before you start working in the office. Before you reach the destination you will encounter problems such as traffic and time wasted upon waiting a bus or train. Aside from the time wasted from waiting also you lose some energy upon commuting.

It's been decades that no one doesn't know or doesn't care on how to address this issue. Filipinos been experiencing stress before they get started with their errands and until they get home. And if every day this will happen, it may already affect our health specifically in getting cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms. 

Which is not good. Because once all of this has been affected people might already consider this as an impairment/destruction of self.

Those experiences can cause a lot of stress for the commuters. Here are some worst things that you can experience when commuting here in the Philippines.

Body Odor

Riding upon a train, bus, or jeepney can make us conscious about body odor upon sitting or standing beside other passengers.

Inconsiderate Passengers

Some passengers cut in line on MRT or bus station. There are also some passengers who don’t have considerations o give a seat for the lady or for elderly.


Walking for a few distance can make you sweat for just five minutes and more worst on a hot day.

Crowded Areas

Persons with Claustrophobia can’t endure on that crowded place but for some who does not have this phobia exposure on bacteria and viruses is so possible.


10 minutes after leaving your house can make you want to take a bath again because of the pollution.

Picky Taxi Drivers

Passengers find it difficult to grab a taxi for the taxi drivers are choosing passengers on their own convenience.

Lack of Public Restrooms

When nature calls, some needs to prolong their urge of necessity because of lack of public restrooms.

Long Lines at the MRT

A long line in the MRT makes you wait for little bit longer and can make you out of patience. Even you are able to escape the traffic but still a long line waits for you.

Bumper to Bumper Traffic

The heavy traffic in our country is one of the main problems in our country it causes delay in our jobs, schools, and even on our daily routine.


Upon commuting the possibility to be exposed in bacteria is high because in the crowded areas sweat, dust, viruses, and pollution are mixed.

Until now, a lot of us is still hoping that someday there will be a big change or improvement with regards to this matter or we could be the person on the following.

1. Doesn't care anything at all.

2. Will just go with the flow.

It's for you on where and what to choose your side. But for me I don't want to stay with this kind of government there should be someone who needs to step up.

"Duterte is on his way"      

Best remedy to this problem, prepare as much as you can.


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