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Anyare? | Netizen shares what's behind the "SECRET LAGOON" in El Nido

Netizen named Ianna Reyes shares her experience at El Nido Palawan. Image credit to Facebook
A facebook post went viral showing the “secret” of the Secret Lagoon in El nido Palawan. Some pictures and a video was uploaded by a concerned citizen who visited Palawan. It was mentioned in the post that the tour was really enjoying but there is somehow a disappointment with one part of it which is the loads of plastic bottles and some other trashes in the Lagoon.
El Nido, Palawan. Image credit to Wikipedia
El Nido, Palawan: That Beach at the Last Frontier. Image credit to Philippine Primer

The real point of the post was not the garbage in the beaches of Palawan but the garbage where there should not have been. If the post is a flooded place in Makati with a lot of trashes, would the netizens react the same way as they reacted to the post showing the plastic bottle and other trashes that are floating in the Lagoon? Maybe not, because we got used to it already. 

It is normal for us to see garbage everywhere. The post is to wake up people that we should do our parts to maintain the places we go to as clean as before we got there. If these garbage was because of the huge waves due to the previous storm, this is still because we are being undisciplined when it comes to throwing our garbage. Also, it was mentioned there that the post is not intended to protect just Palawan, this serves as an awareness to throw our trashes in the proper waste baskets because if not “it will come back to bite us in places we least expect it.” Let us do something about this, for our better future. Let us start within ourselves and everything will follow.

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Although I enjoyed our tour today, I was disappointed with one part of the tour. This is Secret Lagoon. Please please please let us TAKE OUR TRASH(!!!) with us and throw it in the PROPER(!) garbage bins!!! If we want the future generations to see the beauty we are witnessing today, we should do our part to take care of it. 😩😩 Wag pasawaaaay please lang. #elnido #palawan

Edit: Now that this post is getting the attention it deserves, I want to pull people back in to the essence of this post. THIS POST IS NOT BECAUSE THERE IS GARBAGE IN THE BEACHES OF PALAWAN!!! THE MAIN POINT IS BECAUSE THERE IS GARBAGE WHERE THERE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN PERIOD!!! Kung ang pinost ko ay ang baha sa Makati na may palutang2 na garbage bottles, would you have reacted the same way? No kasi normal lang. Ang akin is that we should do our part to maintain the places we go to as clean as when we got there, if not even cleaner. If these were due to huge waves or previous storm, it’s all still because we are undisciplined, dirty individuals. Wag limited kasi Palawan lang!!! This is not meant to ruin the booming tourism of Palawan but to raise awareness to THROW YOUR TRASH IN THE PROPER(!!!) GARBAGE BINS or else, it will come back to bite us in places we least expect it to.

Edit 2: Many locals from El Nido are messaging me and I would like to clarify that the island itself is the beauty that it claims to be. I personally don’t think it needs to close down or be rehabilitated. The locals said this is due to the habagat that SWEPT THESE GARBAGE IN THIS PLACE EVERY YEAR. EVERY YEAR(!!) These garbage may have traveled from other countries or other islands. EVERYONE IS LIABLE! ALL OF US SHOULD CHECK OURSELVES(!!!) 

Places like Boracay or this one don’t need to be rehabilitated or cleaned if we make a conscious effort towards proper waste and garbage disposal. Adding photos and videos of the beautiful El Nido (one of the most majestic places I’ve ever been to. Kudos to the locals for doing their best but we should also help them out. The ocean wildlife is just rich and amazing! Let’s keep it that way for a thousand more years ❤️)

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