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Netizen cry foul over Bicol School Admin's 'Bag Burning' on 'No-Bag' Activity

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Senior High School Students of Bicol Central Academy in Libmanan, Camarines Sur on Friday, August 17, 2018, were made to witness their valuables being burned in the school quadrangle for allegedly failing to comply with the school’s ‘no – bag policy’ set for the day.

The bags contained student’s personal belongings including school stuffs and extra clothing, even laptops and cellphones.

In a tweet posted on Friday by one of the school’s alumna identified as Earl Vincent Cañaveral (@Surrearlism), he wrote, “Bags of students who have failed to comply the no – bag policy set for the school’s event today have been confiscated and burned in the school quadrangle. The said bag contains school stuff, clothings, cp and laptops. Sadly, the school involved is my alma mater.”

The post has since gone viral with more than 3,600 retweets and 8,000 likes on Twitter.
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Cañaveral narrated that the school was particularly observing Tatsumaki Day when selected Senior High School Students were told to wear formal attire as proxy to teachers who went to attend a seminar with the Department of Education (DepEd). They were also discouraged to bring bags or anything bigger than a pouch as it does not coordinate with their decorum.

“Part of it was that they need to wear formal attires so that they will look like professionals,” Cañaveral said in an interview with The Manila Bulletin.

“Since they are wearing such, they were told not to bring any big bags or backpacks since it will not look good with their attires,” he added.

Blogger Ka Rex Cayanong revealed the identity of the school’s Administrator (owner) by the name of Alexander James Jaucian, who, apparently is an incumbent Board Member. Reports revealed Jaucian went hot – headed by the student’s disobedience and immediately ordered his staff to collect the bags to be torched as punishment.
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One video surfaced online showing Jaucian, at some point, lecturing and cursing at the students, calling them STUPID upon realizing that there were electronic gadgets inside the bags being burned.

School officials have not released any statement as of writing.

Meanwhile, DepEd will go over its policies for any possible sanctions that can be imposed on the school’s Permit to Operate and its benefits from the government.

DepEd Bicol Regional Director Gilbert Sadsad expressed their regret towards the incident and assured that investigations are now ongoing citing a clear violation on child protection policy.

“For child abuse, we will recommend to [a] certain group or agency like [the Department of Social Welfare and Development] for criminal charges, but this is still to be studied,” Sadsad said.


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Source:  Ka Rex Cayanong (Facebook)