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Separation Anxiety

Every opening of classes, children and teenagers part ways with their their parents in order to grow intellectually in school. Scenarios like toddlers crying and refusing to be left at school or parents shedding tears as they leave their college kids in their dormitories trend and become news feed contents. They become the talk of the town especially when it's their children's first time to be separated from their parents.
Actually, even adults face the same as they step into a different phase of their life: getting married. Parents, as we know it, worry about their daughters, or sons, as they face married life and the responsibilities that come with it. Newly weds, on the other hand, experience the same about leaving their parents, especially if there won't be anyone else to look after them as they get older. This makes them anxious of being away from the place they used to call home.

One separation that everyone should be aware of is not just about being separated from loved ones but also from God.

Most of us think that when​ we pray, when we go to church,  when we do charitable works, or live strictly in accordance to God's will, we are already getting close with God. But there is one fact that we should be seriously concerned of - we will remain separated from God whatever manly effort we do to be closer to Him. We may not be knowledgeable about it enough so this aims to tell you that we, if not certainly connected with God, will always have to deal with the anxiety of being apart from Him.

Now, we have psychologists who deal with anxiety disorder. But spiritual separation is not just a psychological matter.

It is a matter of life and death.

Separation from God won't be fixed by medication or therapy alone. There's only one answer to this anxiety, Jesus Christ. He is the only channel to access God's network of blessings. He is the exclusive owner of the rights to the keys of Heaven. He is the answer to the doubts and anxieties of the heart that looks for security and safety. And He alone can bridge our separation from God and eternity.

A lot of people are still unaware of the gravity and depth of being separated from God. But as they discover the ill fate (eternal death and suffering) of those who are separated from God, they become afraid of how the end of their existence would be. To their fear, they accept the gift of salvation hastily just to be free from the anxiety of what eternal future will bring. This shouldn't​ be the way.

Separation anxiety can be resolved and the privilege of eternity can be enjoyed by deciding to end separation from God through accepting Jesus Christ, His Son, as Lord and Savior, and living according to His righteousness. With this, we can be assured that if we part from this world, we will enter His rest and suffer no more from separation anxiety.