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‘Bully Atenista’ apologizes: I made my mistake but it was a one sided video

After his video got shared on Facebook and became viral in no time, Joaquin Montes, a junior high school student from Ateneo High School and a martial arts athlete of the school has issued an apology that is quite not being accepted by the people.

Apology? Or Victim Playing?

About 2 hours ago, around 7:30 pm, Joaquin Montes broke his silence, amidst the plea of his school to stop the sharing of the video, people still keep sharing it. But who can blame them, right? Montes has stirred the anger of the people with what he had done.

In an attempt to stop the sharing and probably the cyber bullying, Montes released his statement. According to him, he made a Facebook page so that he can post his apology and the people can read it. However, the apology was not greatly accepted by the people. It was because instead of giving a sincere one, he seemed to want to make the people believe that he is the being bullied and he is just protecting himself. Can you believe that?

Dear Social Media

I made this page to apologize for all my mistake, i want to blog here all my public apologies. Please forgive me. i made my mistake, but it was a one sided video. It was a domino effect at that point, i was just protecting my self, it was not showed in the video but i was the victim that got bullied at the first place. Please undrestand my situation. Thank you.

Joaquin Montes
Ateneo De manila

Other videos

In line with the first video that went viral, there are more videos that surfaced with him bullying other students. There are also sworn comments that he has been receiving numerous reports about being a bully, and apparently his brother was also one.

A screenshot from Joaquin Montes' Facebook
His older brother was kicked out of San Beda for bullying. There is a rumor also, that their family is greatly connected to Peping Cojuangco.

However, as of this writing, we will maintain that these are all rumors as of now, and we are not confirming any of these rumors.

Source: Joaquin montes