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WATCH: Ateneo Junior High Student Uses His Martial Arts Talent To Bully Other Students

Photo screenshot from Alamat ni Bes FB page video
A junior high school student who is also a champion martial artist is now the subject of ridicule from social media. This is after a video of him bullying another (taller and bigger) student surfaced.

Viral video

Scroll down on your Facebook feed and Joaquin Montes' face will probably be pasted on your every scroll. In the video that was taken inside the comfort room of Ateneo High School, Montes is seen with another student who is relieving himself in the urinal.

Joaquin Montes, photo from Facebook
Montes kept on going near the other student and asking him "bubog o dignidad"? Which means he is making the other student choose if he chooses his dignity or he gets beaten.

Bugbog o dignidad

After asking the student, Montes went near the camera and said retold that "bugbog" was chosen. He also said that if the student chose dignity, he would have let him kneel in front of him kiss his two shoes, as well as his private part.

School's response

Ateneo meanwhile has issued a statement saying that the matter is being looked at. There is another report that says that the family is now shouting that they are being cyber bullied.

The school management, in relation to this, has called out to the public to stop sharing the video. They had already sent a letter to YouTube stating their concern and asking for the giant video site to put down the video.

Facebook, on the other hand, already deleted all the shares of the video. And has now tagged the video as sensitive which places a warning in the beginning that it contains sensitive scenes and they may opt to continue or not.

People, however, are determined to share the videos and are starting to compile all the information so it gets shared by people.

Watch video below:

Source: Alamat ni Bes | Rappler