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Miss Vietnam To Donate Her Entire Pageant Earnings Worth P2.2 Million To Social Causes

Many people's heart got captured by the representative of Taiwan for the Miss Universe 2018, Miss Vietnam H'Hen Niê. She may not have won the competition but she finished on the top 5 of the pageant. The people fell in love with her more when they found about her life story.

Love her more

As she continues to steal the hearts of Filipinos and other people worldwide, her Instagram post on Wednesday dragged the people deeper to love her more.
 Miss Vietnam H'Hen Niê, photo from Rappler
In her post, H'hen said she wants to "complete her promise" of building libraries and supporting school kids in a rural community in Vietnam. She had also said that she will give out her total earnings-- amounting to VND 1 billion (roughly P2.2 million)-- for "social activities."

"She's decided to donate 100% of her prize for social activites," her management wrote.

"She wants to complete her promise with her village to provide scholarships for poor students and complete her social project 'Room to Read' (build more libraries in rural areas, support schoolgirls around the world)."

Fierce and captivating

Miss Vietnam first started to capture hearts when she entered fierce and captivating with her signature pixie cut hair. She broke the stereotype by wearing pants and embracing her golden tan skin.

Miss Vietnam H'Hen Niê, photo from Missosology
She definitely stood on her own when women in her country are usually white skinned. Her golden skinned not only captured the hearts of Vietnam itself, but for sure, she will never be forgotten for breaking the standards of beauty, while remaining sincere with all her answers.


She never got to the Top 3, some people are saying that it is because the interpreter that was assigned to her misinterpreted her answer and gave a simple one. Instead of saying the complete answer with sincerity. She may not have won Miss Universe, but she will forever be a queen that captured people\s hearts.

Source: cnnphilippines.com