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Netizen show outrage over transgender Miss Spain

The Miss Universe pageant has once again hit the news. This is the annual gathering of all beautiful women all around the globe. Each participating country sends over the best representation of their country in the hopes of them being crowned the next Miss Universe.
Miss Spain Angela Ponce / Photo from Facebook

This Miss Universe pageant of 2018 is a historic one, as it includes the first ever transgender to enter the competition.

Miss Spain Angela Ponce is the first ever transgender to join in the international pageant.

In interviews that she had, she said that she brings in diversity and representation in the competition.

However, some netizens do not believe that transgender women should join in the pageant.

“Miss Universe died”

Jay Stark, a netizen on the popular social media site, Facebook, expressed his own opinion on the matter of Miss Spain being allowed to compete in the Miss Universe stage.
Miss Spain Angela Ponce / Photo from The Philippine Star

Stark says that he has no interest in pageants yet he still commented on this issue. He says that Ponce joining is “going too far”.

In the post that he made, he said that the Miss Universe pageant is only for “natural born women”. And it seems like he fears that more transgender women will join the pageant in the future.

Although the Miss Universe pageant was initially intended for ciswomen, the organization lifted the ban on transgender women in 2012, allowing transwomen to join and recognizing them as real women.

This, however, does not sit well with Stark. He brought back a popular quote from Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1994, who said that the essence of a woman was to bear a child.

Although an outdated concept, Stark still believes in it. He says because Ponce is a transgender woman, she cannot bear a child, therefore not a woman in his opinion.
Miss Spain Angela Ponce / Photo from PEP

However, we must remember that not all natural born women are able to bear children as well. There are some who are barren, and some who choose not to have children in the first place.

Miss U a disgrace

Stark felt so deeply about the existence of Ponce in the pageant, saying that it used to be a prestigious pageant, but then suddenly lost all its reputation simply because they allowed a transgender woman to join.

Ending his post, Stark said that he does not care what gender people have or choose, but that there are “limits”.

Read more about his post here:

"The day Miss Universe died.

Wala akong masyadong hilig sa pageant, wala rin akong hilig makialam sa kung panong operasyon ang gustong gawin ng mga bakla at lesbiana sa katawan nila, but I definitely think that this has gone too far.

A pageant made for natural born woman is now open for transgenders. Hindi na ako magtataka kung sa susunod na taon may tatlong bansa na magpapadala ng trans sa Ms. U.

Naalala ko ang sagot ni Sushmita (di ko sure yung spelling ng name pero sya yung nanalo nung dito ginanap ang Ms. U nung 90s. Miss India sya) sa tanong na "What is the essence of a woman?" Sumagot na (non verbatim) "To bear a child".

So obviously naniniwala ang buong katawan ng Ms. U dito dahil nanalo sya eh. Eh bakit ngayon ganito? Bakit ang isang kailan man ay di makakapag silang ng anak ay pwede nang sumali sa patimpalak na ginawa para sa mga REAL WOMEN WHO CAN BEAR A CHILD?

Its just a digrace to all those who paved the way for the prestigious pageant to be where its at right now.

So kung pwede pala ito, pwede na rin natin pasalihin ang mga transgender women sa sports na pang babae?

San na pupunta ang mundo?

Uulitin ko lang na wala akong pakialam kung anong kasarian ang gusto mong dalhin, pero may limitasyon ang lahat.

Sorry not sorry"