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On his 40th birthday: Manny Pacquiao gives away free groceries to 4, 000 people

The boxing champ Manny Pacquiao gave away groceries in celebration of his 40th birthday / photo from MP Promotions (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – Boxing champ and incumbent Senator Manny Pacquiao has turned 40 on Monday and gift-giving has become his annual birthday tradition.

To celebrate his birthday, the Pacman gave away bags of groceries in Saranggani to around 4, 000 people as part of his numerous activities, according to a report of GMA News’s Unang Balita.

Sharing the blessings

Residents of both Saranggani and General Santos fell in line outside the Pacman Beach Resort in Tinoto, Sarangani and ran inside the property when the gates were opened.

"Masaya dahil kahit papa'no, nakakatulong tayo sa kanila, 'yung mga mahirap na tao. Alam mo, talagang siksikan sila. Pumila sila para magkaroon ng panghanda," the boxing icon said, adding that giving away gifts  is a way for him to share his blessings.

"Yes, automatic 'yan [sharing your blessings]. 'Pag binigyan ka ng blessings, hindi lang 'yun para sa 'yo kundi para mai-share mo sa ibang tao," the WBA welterweight champion also said.

Wishes and greetings for Pacquiao

Some of those who received his gifts sang a happy birthday song to thank Pacquiao for his generosity towards others. There were others who wished him good health, more blessings and victory for his upcoming fight against American boxer Adrien Broner set on January 19, 2019.

After his gift giving activity, Pacquiao visited the super yacht he is having constructed, it is named The Queen – it has 14 rooms and three floors.

On January 19, Pacquiao will fight Broner for his WBA welterweight belt matching the feats accomplished by great fighters before him, including, among others, Sugar Ray Robinson, George Foreman, Bernard Hopkins, Archie Moore and Larry Holmes.*

Still winning titles at almost 40

Pacquiao, being the country’s legendary boxing icon have ignored his age by continuously fighting and winning world titles.

It is said that, many years ago, fighters were out of boxing long before they reach the age of 40. In fact, 35-year-old boxers were viewed as elderly because only handfuls still were competing effectively.

But since then, advanced nutrition and training techniques, have definitely lengthened their careers to an extraordinary degree.

Thousands of people fall in line to receive gifts from Pacquiao / photo from MP Promotions (ctto)

One of the recipients poses for a photo with the Pacman / photo from MP Promotions (ctto)