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Raffy Tulfo: “Mystica needs professional help, we cannot help her anymore"

Composite photos of Raffy Tulfo and Mystica from TNP
Over the past few days, after Mystica asked for help from Raffy Tulfo and turned around and badmouthed the host who only wanted to help her, Tulfo finally speaks up and sends a final message to her.

No more help

Tulfo started by saying how he has watched the videos that Mystica has been releasing this weekend. It came to his attention that Mystica was not happy about the help that she has been getting from the program.  According to him, because of that, he immediately ordered the reporter who was assigned to Mystica's case to stop all the help that they are giving.

Pitiful woman

He further explained that he is not the least angry at Mystica for saying all the stuff that she said. In fact, he pities her, and because his staff let him watch all the videos that Mystica has released in the past, it only became apparent to him that Mystica has a deeper problem.
Photo from Bandera
The problem that she has been carrying is so heavy that his program will not be able to help her. What she really needs is professional help, to get help on her problems that are weighing her down.

Plea to the public

In the latter part, Tulfo called out to the public to please stop the bashing and bullying that they have been doing to Mystica. This, according to him can be a cause of more trauma for the actress, and that wouldn't be nice.

Photo from Bandera
It is quite admirable that despite all the hurtful allegations that Mystica had been throwing against Raffy Tulfo, he still chose to tread on the higher path. He chose to be a gentleman and still preserve the respect that he normally gives to women, no matter what this woman did and said to him. In a short but meaningful 2-minute video, he was able to deliver that.

Watch video below:

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