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Real Life Cinderella: Miss Vietnam's Story from a Domestic Helper to Beauty Queen

Composite photos by Genesis Media and PEP
Catriona Gray on bringing back the crown to the Philippines is the best christmas gift she offered the Filipino people. Today, showing her graceful slo-mo turns in the catwalk and her outstanding wit as she intelligently answered the Q&A, she has proven that she deserved the spot.

Miss Universe Vietnam 

When the whole world is all eyes on the newly-crowned queen, the beauty of Ms. Universe Vietnam stands out too. It isn’t just her beauty that captured our hearts when she amazingly called for the Top 5, but her unique fairytale-like Cinderella story. Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Niê isn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She came from a poor family. Living with a big family, H’Hen Niê used to work in a coffee farm at an early age.

Breaking The Rules 

Given Vietnam’s culture and tradition wherein girls are bound to marry at an early age, she was also required by her family to follow such tradition. However, the Miss Universe Vietnam is more driven by her dreams than following cultures. After graduating from high school, she worked as a domestic helper for a year where she was able to earn money to fund her college schooling. During her intern days, she was offered to work as a model.

Photo by Genesis Media
H’Hen Niê’s Successful Modelling Career 

After college, she was discovered by a Vietnamese designer Đỗ Mạnh Cường in 2014 thus the start of her modelling career. She also joined Vietnam’s Next Top Model which boost her career in modelling. She joined Miss Universe Vietnam in 2017 wherein she really stands out because of her unique complexion and hairstyle that nobody among the typical beauty queens in their country possess.

Photo by Miss Universe Org
Proud of Her Roots 

H’Hen Niê is also the first “Rade Person” or an individual from an ethnic minority in the country who was crowned as Miss Universe Vietnam. After winning the Miss Vietnam, she then right away donated her prize to fund schools in their country. She also became a global ambassador for “Room to read” in their country which aims to teach young female children to read.