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Hospital guard refuses entry of patient's companion

- A video of a patient's companion talking to a guard in a hospital surfaced

- The said companion was begging for the guard to let her enter the building

- What the guard did was just ridiculous

Another incident of a guard refusing a person's entry took place. And now, it's in a hospital.

It seems that cases of guards asserting their misguided authority over customers (or this time, a patient's companion), are getting rampant. 

It can be recalled that just recently, a guard also prohibited a PWD (person with disability) to enter a building because of what she wore. The poor lady had no choice but to wear shorts due to her condition. The unsympathetic guard who failed to use his common sense insisted that those who would only be allowed entry are people who are not wearing shorts. 

This time around, the same unfortunate event happened to a patient's companion. 

As shown on the clip that is circulating online, the woman who was taking the video was calmly asking the guard to let her in as she needed to bring the item she was holding inside. 

She can be heard on the video explaining that the stuff she was carrying was going to be used to the patient. 

"Sir kung ayaw nyo po akong papasukin, patawag po 'yung andun kasi sasalpak po 'to sa ano nya", she said.

To which the guard frowned and told her: "Hirap sa inyo pag nakapasok kasi, ayaw nyong lumabas."

According to the guard, the patient has a companion inside already and that there were just too many people in the building. 

As implied by the way the guard handled the situation, the latter insisted such because the people accompanying patients and flocking inside the hospital has become a norm. Hence, he suspected that the lady, who was begging to have the item delivered inside, was going to do the same. 

"Nasa emergency pa lang po!" the lady explained. 

"Kaya nga po lahat po yan isa-isa lang", the guard responded. 

"Naku ewan ko sayo, wala ngang contact dun sa loob!" the pissed off companion exclaimed.

He even told her to calm down, where she retorted: "Kalma? Emergency 'to sir! Kailangan 'to doon!"

Crying, the woman then asked him to bring the item to the person she was accompanying inside instead of letting her in since it was hard to convince the hospital's uniformed personnel. 

Because of the persistence of the said companion, the guard later allowed her to get inside but rudely told her: "Hatid mo yan sa loob, lumabas ka agad!" shouted the guard. 

"Hindi yung tatambay kayo sa loob 'dun. Naintindihan mo?" he added. 

"Anong tatambay kakapasok lang namin! Kakapasok lang namin!

It can be heard that she was crying out of anger over the authoritative guard's cruel treatment. As she was getting inside, she was ranting about how difficult to deal with the guard was.